cosmetics reviews in english

/cosmetics reviews in english

Review on NadiaZ Skin Care by Margery on Etsy Shop Margery on Apr 25, 2018 5 out of 5 stars I am really “into” skin care and cosmetics and have been for my entire life. I spotted Nadia’s lip cream on etsy and decided to give it a try. I am not exaggerating when I say that the lip cream, the facial serum and facial [...]

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NadiaZ Brand on luxe-magazine China (in Chinese and English)

Chinese version: English version: NadiaZ, 用原生植物为原料的瑞士香水与化妆品品牌 2017 三月       Luxe - Magazine NadiaZ是一个新的香水和化妆品品牌,以稀有的天然植物为根基,创造出多样的系列作品。这个公司时刻准备着让您感觉无与伦比的美丽,同时尊重您的皮肤和环境。 出生在瑞士洛桑,Nadia Zuodar是一个物理学家,但也是一个有艺术灵魂的女商人。她还将一部分时间用于联合国等组织的非洲国际发展和人道主义特派团。她创造了NadiaZ,一个使用天然植物的香水和化妆品品牌。 Nadia的灵感来自于她的父亲,一个意大利农学家,灵感来自她的突尼斯祖母,她创造了由珍贵的东方香味和皮肤护理方式构成的独特品牌。 原材料使用的是什么? NadiaZ选择的成分是来自世界各地,为了保护在自然栖息地以及其生活的环境的本地植物物种。例如,“Anji Bamboo”香水使用来自中国的竹叶,“Celestial Violet”香水使用非洲石头,来自南非的Buchu和来自澳大利亚的草莓胶,“Velvet Rose” 面部磨砂膏使用来自南部非洲的Mafura黄油和来自亚马逊的Cupuaçu,“Fire of spices”身体黄油使用巴西巴里和马达加斯加的塔马努。该品牌还提供天然除臭剂,婴儿护理,头发护理和装在稀有玻璃瓶里的男女士高级香水。   官网 NEWS NadiaZ, Swiss Fragrances and Cosmetics made of indigenous plants NadiaZ is a new fragrances and cosmetics brand celebrating rare and natural plants as well as diversity. This ethical and social [...]

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NadiaZ Ximenia Nectar Face Serum Review on Beauty Almanac by Barbara Valentina NadiaZ Ximenia Nectar Face Serum | Product Review Published: 2017-01-02 by  Barbara Valentina in Reviews Nadia Zuodar is the founder and formulator of Nadia Z, a Swiss brand dedicated to natural perfumery and cosmetics. Regarding the cosmetic range, it comprises products for women, men, and even children, formulated with indigenous plants and active organic ingredients from less privileged [...]

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NadiaZ Tucuma Cocoon ultra-soft deodorant and antifungal balm review by Savant Magazine Sweating is not cool in any case, but nor are the aggressive chemicals and aluminium salts found in most regular deodorants. Swiss luxury range cosmetics brand NadiaZ offers a great alternative in the form of an artisanal blend of active indigenous plant based ingredients, helping to protect from unpleasant bodily odours in a more natural way. NadiaZ [...]

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NadiaZ Natural Cosmetics featured in Savant Magazine

/blog/2017/2/11/nadiazpremiumrangeswisscosmetics NadiaZ: Premium Range Swiss Cosmetics Celebrating the Scarcity of Indigenous Plants  Hanna-Amanda P. G.February 12, 2017 Bienvenue to the world of NadiaZ indigenous plant based cosmetics: Swiss scientist Nadia Zuodar’s eponymous label of premium range cosmetics NadiaZ celebrates the power of active compounds of rare indigenous plants. Inspired by her agronomist Italian father, Nadia Zuodar took a liking [...]

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NadiaZ Pequi Kiss Lip Balm review by Une Pluie d’encens

une_pluie_d_encens  I decided to put in the spotlight each month a few of my favourite products (cosmetics). . . It seemed logical to me to present as a first #une_pluie_d_encens_approved#producthighlight one of my most used items: . . Nadia Z's Pequi Kiss lip balm. . . 100% natural, handmade in Switzerland and composed of high [...]

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Review: NADIAZ New Life natural body butter by ZLLVs  . By zllvs . 13 Nov 2016 . BATH & BODY, Morning Beauty Routine, Night Beauty Routine, Organic Cosmetics, Sensitive Skin . 3 Comm Review: NADIAZ New Life natural body butter How important is it to have access to organic #beauty products? Nowadays it is essential. We have become wiser and we want to know what kind of beauty products are [...]

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Review on NadiaZ Cosmetics by WWW.MOCHNI.COM Swiss Scientist Nadia Zuodar: The Health Benefits Of Natural Cosmetics CALLIE MANN JANUARY 16, 2017 In partnership with NadiaZ. Nadia Zuodar is a scientist and the creator of her own natural cosmetics brand Nadia Z, based in Lavaux, Switzerland. She worked in biochemistry and neurobiology and for humanitarian missions and organizations like UN in [...]

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