NadiaZ Pequi Kiss Lip Balm review by Une Pluie d’encens


 I decided to put in the spotlight each month a few of my favourite products (cosmetics). . . It seemed logical to me to present as a first #une_pluie_d_encens_approved#producthighlight one of my most used items: . . Nadia Z’s Pequi Kiss lip balm. . . 100% natural, handmade in Switzerland and composed of high quality ingredients, Pequi Kiss has saved my pucker more than once.  I have the bad habit of licking and biting my lips, leading to severe dryness, damage and pain. Last week was very stressful and my lips went through hell. In times like that, Pequi Kiss is the only product that actually heals my lips overnight. I’ve tried numerous lip balms ranging from a couple of dollars/euros/Swiss francs to double digit prices and this is the one I find truly efficient. . . I’ll still keep using a few other balms for day to day maintenance but Pequi Kiss definitely is my go to lip balm when extra repair and care are needed. . . What is your favourite lip balm? Have you ever tried a @nadiaz_natural_luxury_perfume products? . . #une_pluie_d_encens #cosmetics#lipbalm #pequikiss #nadiaz#swissmade #baumealevres

  • _natural_luxury_perfumeSo glad it could help. It is even better to use it every day even in less amount so that it will prevent the occurence of damage. Pequi Kiss is also wonderful as a shiny and nutritive gloss that you can even add on top of your colored lipstick.
  • une_pluie_d_encens@nadiaz_natural_luxury_perfumethank you very much for your precious advice! It is always good to listen to the specialist 😄I have almost finished my first jar and have already bought a backup! Yes you are right it acts as a beautiful gloss but without the inconvenient stickiness.
  • sabagne@une_pluie_d_encensi have similar problems,chapped lips is very “me”! The one i love the most is the Dr.Hauschka one (like the pot-formula more than the stick)…but I’ll definitely check this one out!!!
  • tuberoseandcharcoalI’ve also tried many but keep coming back to blistex, just the ordinary version in the blue pot (I like the menthol tingle 😊). I also like Eve Lom Kiss Mix. What I’m still looking for is a stick that I love, because I don’t really like applying from a pot when I’m out and about…
  • une_pluie_d_encens@sabagneit’s a nuisance isn’t it?! And the cold really doesn’t help. Ah yes I tried the Hauschka one, jar and stick versions but I found it wasn’t heavy duty enough 🙈
  • une_pluie_d_encens@tuberoseandcharcoalI used to use blistex years ago, the cream in tube version and liked it. I kind of became addicted to it’s numbing effect and blast of freshness so I stopped using it 🙈I’ve never tried the Eve Lom one. What’s it like? Have you tried Rêve de Miel by Nuxe? It’s really good and comes in a stick version too
  • fla_conAny sample? I use the moisture replenishing lip balm from Clarins😁
  • tuberoseandcharcoal@une_pluie_d_encensEve Lom is similar to the Blistex (similar minty tingle) but a much more solid texture in the tub. I haven’t tried the Nuxe, no, I’ll check it out 😊
  • Supprimer le commentairenadiaz_natural_luxury_perfumeNadiaZ Pequi Kiss Lip Balm are done by hand with love and patience. It is not possible for an independant brand to do samples as it requires a huge marketing budget. But for Pequi Kiss there is no need for samples, it has 100% satisfaction since years and it is very different from anything you have tried. If you don’t use my Pequi Kiss Lip Balm, try to avoid using preparations that are petrochemical based, it will render the lip skin more fragile over time. Silicone based products and fillers are nice for the appearance but they simply mechanically do it on the surface, they do not provide any treatment on the skin, worse, they also create micropollution and the long term effect of absorption is unknown. So the most simple product to apply in the absence of my balm is pure avocado oil, pure unrefined shea butter or pure cocoa butter (not a commercial preparation that would have also petrochemicals in it). Of course they are not as intensive as my formula but they do a very good and healthy job.
  • Supprimer le commentairenadiaz_natural_luxury_perfumeI forgot to mention, for the ones close to Geneva, you can try a selection of NadiaZ cosmetics products at Parfumerie Theodora My New Life Body Butter can be applied on the lips, it is not as efficient on the lips as Pequi Kiss Lip Balm, but if it is a matter of budget for you, it is worth considering. Both the normal and baby formulas can do
  • Supprimer le commentairenadiaz_natural_luxury_perfume
  • shali2911I am a lipbalm junkie too i use so many different balms !! 😝💋
  • une_pluie_d_encens@shali2911it’s an addiction isn’t it 😂What are your favourite balms?
  • une_pluie_d_encens@fla_conI love the smell of the Clarins balm 😍 Nadia answered your question about samples below 😄
  • une_pluie_d_encens@tuberoseandcharcoalI like solid textures. Let me know if you like the Nuxe 😄
  • une_pluie_d_encens@peepingpomeranianthis is definitely my most used and preferred one ☝️
  • peepingpomeranianOh it’s cute little pot too