NadiaZ Social Enterprise & Sustainability

NadiaZ House and Brand is a social enterprise as it aims at offering products and services that benefit to Humanity and at distributing the benefits along the product value chain.

NadiaZ towards a Foundation

Ethical trade aims at providing more dividends to producing communities (harvesters, cultivators, artists…). When done professionally, it brings needed income to vulnerable communities which they can allocate for their basic needs like food security, water or health, but also to reinvest into their livelihoods and other income generating activities and thus increase resilience. By fostering good environmental practice, it also contributes to preserving their habitat, reduces disaster risks or mitigates climate change and limit rural exodus. The ethical trade of indigenous plants further enables to protect less visible species, to maintain traditional cultures and knowledge and in many cases contributes to good governance and gender balance. Nevertheless, when raising the market price or the demand of an indigenous plant commodity, a thorough value chain analysis needs to be done to avoid perverse effects such as depletion or competition with less lucrative species, gender unbalance, looting, fraud, erosion, asn.

Therefore, an ethical luxury brand can achieve greater positive impact not only by sourcing ethically but also by financing initiatives that will support the communities to maintain their livelihoods.

Doting NadiaZ social company with a foundation will facilitate its philanthropical activites based on funding obtained over the years through benefit repartition and external contributions. Therefore NadiaZ aims in the mid-term to build a foundation to enable an enhanced social and environmental impact for the producing/harvesting communities. If you would like to donate or participate in any ways, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

An example of the Himba women of Kunene in the Namib desert illustrates how good practice and initiatives can be further strengthened through additional support from a foundation .

NadiaZ brings omumbiri into the ultra-luxury sector as well as other plants species gathered by the Himba that have not found a market yet, or for which a market will not exist except with a limited edition and very low volume production like NadiaZ concept, that enables the use of very rare resources in very small quantities, which sometimes do no produce each year.

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Donations to support NadiaZ mission are welcome and can be allocated freely by NadiaZ or connected to a specific project or tasks. Donations can serve the purpose of supporting indigenous community initiatives, biodiversity preservation measures, indigenous plants research, awareness raising events, exhibitions or simply developing the brand…Kindly email to [email protected] to discuss options. Thank you for participating in NadiaZ journey.