Nadia Zuodar, Msc.
Founder, Director, Nose and Creator of NadiaZ unique premium ranges.

Nadia Zuodar is a world citizen born in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1976, a physicist, a social entrepreneur, an international development expert with a humanist and artistic soul. She is the mind and heart behind NadiaZ and the brand Perfume Creator and Formulator, sharing her love for Nature and Plants transmitted by her agronomist Italian father with a taste for refinement, precious oriental scents and skin care rituals inherited from her Tunisian grandmother.

Nadia graduated from EPFL and performed researches in physics, biochemistry and neurobiology. She then dedicated more than a decade of her life to international development and humanitarian missions in Africa and around the globe for organizations such as States, United Nations, NGOs,…which she pursues till today while developing NadiaZ environmental foundation architecture. Thanks to these invaluable experiences, she got introduced to indigenous plants and traditional medicine knowledge from many different cultures, developed a worldwide sourcing network and acquired in-depth expertise on sustainable natural resource management and ethical trade.

Nadia’s passion for discovery and formulating dates back from childhood but making her own natural products became a necessity in her twenties, when she developed allergies and designed her own solutions to address them, while coaching others on the management of chronic illnesses. Many years later, NadiaZ was born out of the desire to put her love for plants, scientific knowledge and creativity at the service of conceiving her own natural premium brand as one of her contributions to the World.