Nadia Zuodar is the director of NadiaZ. She also accepts mandates where she acts as a Senior Strategic Advisor, Evaluator and Manager for institutional and business clients for multi-countries multi-sector programs. Her linkedin profile can be consulted here.
Her main areas of expertise are:

Manages, supports and advises in each step of the program cycle including Policy, Strategy, Program Design & Cost-effectiveness, .Assessments, Impact, Monitoring & Evaluation. Performs risk assessments covering Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Climate Change, Market, Governance and Social aspects. I coordinate multi/cross sectoral programs in various fields such as Environment, Energy, Livelihood, Food Security, Wash, Health, Nutrition, Markets, Culture, Gender, Microfinance, Biotechnology or Luxury Goods.

Assesses and designs systems that enable sustainable natural resources management, the preservation of biodiversity, increase food security, optimization of energy/resources consumption both at community level and in an industrial ecology perspective. (UN, CITES, WB and other instruments, ISO 14000

Advises companies, organizations and states on how to increase their positive social and environmental impacts while mitigating their risks through strategic, processes and knowledge capitalization capacity building efforts, measure progresses and compliance, communicate and share them. (UN, WB, EU and other instruments, ISO 26000).

Supports companies and organizations in the development of natural resources Value Chains (particularly applied to indigenous plant species, minerals and crafts) that offer opportunities for ethical trade, community development, biodiversity conservation and valorization, semi-transformation and skills/technological transfers, with a focus but not limited to Luxury Goods. Assists in the design, implementation and monitoring of traceability or certification instruments, good practices, quality and compliance. (UN instruments, ISO 9000, ISO 14000).

Supports businesses in the development of High End products using natural indigenous resource at every stage of the product cycle, from the design, sourcing and manufacturing to the brand positioning and marketing. As the creator of the brand NadiaZ and social business since 2012, formulates innovative ethical ultra-luxury products such as natural cosmetics & perfumes, phytotherapy, tribal art objects and digital paintings that embody the State of Art level of the expertise and knowledge transfer offered to other businesses in the cosmetics, arts, food, textile or other similar sectors. (ISO 22716, 22715).

Helps put in place poverty alleviation/resilience building strategies and systems, implement them and measure impact particularly in innovative cash/microfinance transfers programs, national or sub-national social protection and safety nets systems as well as livelihoods/SMEs support.

Nadia participated to some of the major humanitarian emergencies of the past decade.
For example:

  • Nepal Earthquake 2015
  • Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Lesotho, Colombia…food insecurities 2011-2014
  • Pakistan Floods 2010
  • Ethiopia food insecurities 2008-2009
  • Darfur conflict 2007
  • Angola post-conflict 2006
  • DRC conflict 2004-2005

Wherever she works, she admires and supports communities resilience capacities in face of challenges, the dedication of her fellow co-workers and the many people including all financial contributors  that make solidarity possible. Besides addressing basic needs,  er engagement further convinced her of the importance culture, arts and biodiversity make to human dignity and for a bright future.