NadiaZ limited edition concept to preserve biodiversity

NadiaZ perfume compositions are 100% natural and use between 15 to 150 or more precious ingredients. Many of them are rare indigenous plants that can only be harvested in limited quantities, at specific seasons and sometimes only in some years. NadiaZ Perfume concept of limited editions of sometimes just a few hundred bottles on special years enables the sustainable use of these rare resources in a way no mass production could. NadiaZ flexibility on compositions and strong investment into research enables the brand to continuously adapt its formulations and ingredients base in order to keep true to the promise to preserve biodiversity while generating income sources for the communities. Would a resource become too scarce, endangered by negative practices or NadiaZ found no trustable supplier, it wouldn’t be used or it would be discontinued. As an example, at the moment, NadiaZ doesn’t source any Mysore Sandalwood despite its quality and prefers sustainably produced Sandalwood from Australia or New Caledonia.  For specific irreplaçable indian traditional products like Mitti Attar, NadiaZ works with responsible partners and fosters the identification of alternative technologies. Similarly the brand has not included Argan in its formulations so far.

On certifications

The NadiaZ philosophy is to protect indigenous plant species in their natural habitats and the communities living from them, many of which are not financially able to certify their products. Each and every ingredient is personally sourced and assessed by the company’s founder, Nadia Zuodar, based on her deep knowledge – accumulated during more than a decade working in international development – and the expertise contributed by a wide range of like-minded partnerships. All ingredients are either certified organic and ethical, or produced in similar conditions by less privileged communities and independent farmers, as well as sustainably wild harvested. NadiaZ also contributes to enhance the quality and producing/harvesting practices of communities through free technical advice. The more revenues NadiaZ generates, the best it can provide its support, perform field mission and monitor its partners work.

NadiaZ Non-Plant resources

NadiaZ does not use any synthetic fragrances. Cosmetic formulations are 100% exempt of animal products. Perfumes are either vegetarian or vegan as some contain selected animal by-products such as butter, honey, wax or hyraceum, which is stipulated in the perfume description and in the section named “featured plants”. NadiaZ only tests its products on humans and do not harm animals in any ways. Some products like Hyraceum actually participate to the protection of the animals, their territory and any living thing on it.

Ingredients Library