At the core of NadiaZ passions is Nature and People. She loves being immersed in Nature, mediating and is a fond apneist both in seas and lakes. When conveying emotions, perfumes are very special because the olfactive sense is superior above all due to its specific connection to the brain. Exploring the other senses, NadiaZ Digital Paintings Visual Experiences are her expression to make you connect with Nature and experiment living things as is they were dear friends.

Her digital paintings portfolio, cover portraits, landscapes, animals, plants and underwater scenes. You can order them except for the portraits in the form of Alu Dibond Fine Arts Prints by contacting

Nadia’s digital paintings use Canon Technology whereby she re-imagines images just like a painter by working the colors pixel by pixel. The resulting artwork is an hybrid between photography, drawing and painting reminiscent to pointillism, which becomes more visible when printed in larger frames.

Nadia designs all the visual material for NadiaZ brand. On occasions and if she is available, she takes external design mandates if she gets inspired by the collaboration and art concept and particularly if it is connected to nature. Don’t hesitate to share your artistic ideas with her.