Perfume made Art.

By elevating perfume to Art, NadiaZ unique compositions gather precious indigenous plants and are poured in hand sculpted artpieces. They are a celebration of life for the utmost ethically minded connoisseur; an exclusive, sensual, intimate and spiritual olfactive experience where Nature becomes the ultimate Refinement.

The perfumes are complexly artistic and craft-made yet highly technical compositions of up to hundred precious plant extracts with no synthetic fragrances, and a high percentage of indigenous oils. The perfumes capture and enhance each individual skin specificities to become truly yours.

NadiaZ - Natural Haute Parfumerie & Cosmetics

Shona Stone Art

Zimbabwe has received worldwide acclaim for its captivating stone sculpture art. Because the country is rich in serpentine, verdite and granite rock, it is the ideal place for sculpturing.
The rock in Zimbabwe is considered to be among the oldest on the Earth. Zimbabwe’s name literally means “the house of stone.”

Shona art has become a massive movement of sculpture of international importance that has elicited exhibitions in major museum such as Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris, the MoMA in New York, the Museum of Mankind in London and the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt.
Over the past decade, Zimbabwe Shona sculpture has become one of the most collected form of African art. The Shona people of Zimbabwe have been hand sculpting stone into works of art for nearly a thousand years. Even though the craft is ancient, the style has continually evolved and the carvings created today are both beautiful and elegant.
NadiaZ supports African Sculptors by working directly with them to develop specially designed products and being an ambassador for their Art.

Using hand-crafted Shona stonework as part of the NadiaZ perfume range incorporates the uniqueness of man-made sculpture, creating a sense of playfulness for the collector, and bringing Perfume to the world of Art.

Immortality Botanical Resin Art

Together with Italian designers, NadiaZ is exploring ways to immortalize nature employing experimental processes with transparent substances such as resins to preserve natural materials exactly as they appear in their original habitat or as a conceptualization of movement and space.
NadiaZ first conceptual collection named “Humus” presents a harmony of pure gold, Namibian resins and dark Mushrooms captured in movement as if crystallized in a semi-precious stone form like quartz or agate.

NadiaZ - Natural Haute Parfumerie & Cosmetics

Immortality Petrified Wood Art

NadiaZ collects petrified wood art pieces carefully selected for their beauty and the way they marry with NadiaZ Perfume Collection artistic designs. Using petrified wood slices as exhibition platters confers to NadiaZ Perfume Collection an inimitable aura of sheer luxury and serenity.

NadiaZ’s passion for Plants extends to the ones that are now extinct and the ancestors of the trees that surround us today. Plants that flourished on earth millions of years ago, when the early dinosaurs were roaming, have been preserved as fossils. In petrified wood, the tissue of ancient trees is completely replaced by minerals, converting trunks and branches into stone. Their cell structure is so perfectly preserved that it resembles microscopic stem sections of modern plants.

Nothing is more precious than a petrified wood piece because it is unique; it reached us through incredible ages to tell us a story predating humanity and for its sheer beauty. Petrified wood minerals are made of semi-precious stones such as agate, jasper or quartz giving them fantastic patterns and colors just like a mineral painting. Acquiring a petrified wood piece entails a responsibility as it makes us the depository of Life Heritage.

Major petrified forests are found in the USA, Argentina, Madagascar, Indonesia. NadiaZ sources petrified wood directly from authorized small exploitations mainly in the USA to avoid the looting of Petrified Forest National Parks takes place. Other pieces are patiently sought,carefully selected and obtained through collectors auctions. Sustainability is at the core of the decision process. For example NadiaZ avoids to purchase from locations where digging practices would negatively affect the environment or the communities. However, on a case by case basis, NadiaZ may purchase such pieces from other collectors as a way to preserve them from destruction, damage or loss.

Petrified wood slices are sections of petrified wood that offer a flat surface where NadiaZ perfumes can be carefully laid. The value of a petrified wood piece depends on both objective and subjective criteria such as its origin, size, preservation, scarcity, patterns and colors. In addition to these parameteres, NadiaZ allocates value based on esthetical criteria on how a specific piece harmonizes with NadiaZ collection and in this sense, it can well differ from market or mineralogists quotations. With this spirit, NadiaZ will be glad to assist you in creating an amazing mineral display for your individual collection.

To learn more about permineralization, kindly visit the Virtual Petrified Wood Museum