NadiaZ Social Enterprise & Sustainability

NadiaZ House and Brand is a social enterprise as it aims at offering products and services that benefit to Humanity and at distributing the benefits along the product value chain.

NadiaZ Business Strategy Framework ©

NadiaZ designed two frameworks to visualize the contributions a luxury perfume brand can make to sustainable natural resource management[1], the conservation of biodiversity and transmission of knowledge & skills including in the Arts. It translates into human development in a life sustaining/flourishing world.

NadiaZ stance and niche is to glorify indigenous resources as a way to promote their conservation in a pragmatic manner. Communities around the globe have built their economy on the use of natural resource and often sustainable income generation from indigenous plants is overweighed by more lucrative businesses, as is the deforestation case of the Amazonian or the Central African rainforests. Uplifting the value chain[2] can thus be a strong factor to prevent destructive behaviors, especially if it is linked with other supportive projects such as reforestation, eco-tourism, education, disaster risks reduction, livelihood, or public health. Therefore, the model of production promoted for the luxury perfume sector is to Produce Less for More.
Placing the value of a product according to the scarcity or significance of the resource can create a virtuous circle where even mass products design may become more ecological and of higher quality. The luxury sector has a unique role in setting trends, preserving traditions and skills, design objects that survive through the ages and can thus inspire others. All become possible when the consumers use their power by opting for more ecological, durable and better quality products. It is about cherishing special moments rather than wasting.

[2] A natural resource value chain represents the stages by which the full value of a product is managed and ultimately realized, from the harvesting/cultivation to the processing and sale. It shows how revenues are distributed. If those revenues are distributed fairly along each step of the value chain, then an uplifted value chain enables to produce less to earn more money per unit produced. As an example, using indigenous Amazonian oils for perfumes raise their value and thus their income generating potential compared to their use in soap, lubricant or even as fuel. Thus it enables to produce less volume and reducing overexploitation of the resource.
[1] NadiaZ uses a broad concept of sustainable natural resource management that implies the ability for people to live with and from their environment without depleting its resources, while nourishing the needs of present and future lives. In this sense the concept is open to all forms of life and not just focused on human next generations. It aims at protecting also species that do not have an immediate economic value, one way being by preserving the whole habitat of an identified valuable one. Sustainability encompasses economic sustainability and social protection and is not only geared towards enabling survival but rather aims at thriving or flourishing. In economically or socially vulnerable communities, this can be expressed by fostering resilience.

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