NadiaZ Social Enterprise & Sustainability

NadiaZ House and Brand is a social enterprise as it aims at offering products and services that benefit to Humanity and at distributing the benefits along the product value chain.

NadiaZ Business Model and How YOU contribute

NadiaZ products support and dignify communities, families and preserve biodiversity. By purchasing NadiaZ products and services, YOU make this a reality.

NadiaZ specializes in the most exclusive natural products, by  elevating Perfumes to the world of Art and bringing together the most complex skills and ingredients: the mastery of scents, of tribal artworks, biodiverse indigenous plants extracts and bespoke services. In order to bring such a product on the market that stands true to its ethics of supporting biodiversity and ethical trade, ingredients make  a minimum of 10-25% of the cost of a product compared to 1-5% as prevails in the sector. Low volume production and the diversification rather than mass production of products come with extra costs such as in Research & Development, Laboratory Testing, Customized service, asn.

As a disruptive social enterprise model for the luxury sector, NadiaZ made the choice to limit and redistribute benefits and to dramatically reduce the use of marketing services.

Therefore, the brand counts on YOU to be its first promoters, ambassadors and to actively share your experience with others as well as your feedback to us at [email protected]

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