Natural ecosystems and the populations relying on them are under threat from urbanization, overexploitation, deforestation, mining, loss of genetic diversity, soil erosion, climate change and other complex issues. As a result, the well-being of each one of us depend on our capacity to preserve a life sustaining, biodiverse environment and the indigenous cultures and knowledge, that contribute, hand in hand with technology, in making the world a beautiful, healthy, connected and dignified place to live in.

NadiaZ thrives at enabling communities to develop while managing indigenous resource in a sustainable and biodiverse way. NadiaZ particular model takes the uplifting of value chains at its core, meaning using resource for high end value added products that provide more income for less production. NadiaZ concept of limited number editions enables the work with smaller communities and even families cultivating or harvesting rare resource at low volume production or in more at risk environments like countries suffering from insecurity, natural disasters or high poverty.
It is NadiaZ belief that the higher business cost it entails is far outweighed by the social benefits it brings to producers and consumers alike. Wherever possible, the move from harvesting to semi-manufacturing products is encouraged to pursue more development gains. NadiaZ final products are made in Switzerland, the creator Nadia Zuodar’s home country, ensuring the most strict swiss quality control and customizing NadiaZ products with the help of a range of artisans and small or family entrepreneurs.

NadiaZ aims at contributing to the generation of new ethical business models and therefore supports and collaborates with a range of like-minded social businesses indistinctively on which hemisphere they are. NadiaZ preference goes towards innovation for high quality plants products (for example CO2 plant extracts) but also for the preservation of traditional techniques that better respect and sublime natural resources (such as flower enfleurages) rather than merely lower production costs.

NadiaZ modes of action are diverse and adapted to the resources:

NadiaZ specializes in formulating with indigenous ingredients for luxury products to raise their perceived value.

It is the case for example when NadiaZ demonstrates the use of Ximenia Oil as a perfume fixative, or when developing scent extraction processes for Ucuuba or Mafura butters, so far never used in the Perfumery industry. The brand selected Perfumes & Cosmetics (the author also designs phytotherapeutic products) as a way to increase the visibility of neglected or under-known species such as the Cape Verbena (Lippia jivanica), Mopane or Strawberry Gum (Eucalyptus olida) and to raise attention that even a same plant grown in different localities or conditions can present different chemical profiles. On other occasions NadiaZ selects animal products harvested without cruelty for their ability to enable local populations to protect a territory and the flora and fauna on it. It is the case for Hyraceum, a by-product of the Cape Hyrax (Procavia capensis), or when selecting honeys issued from specific flowers (a profession and expertise disappearing).

NadiaZ pursues the same concept when giving visility to ancient treasures such a petrified wood & fossils, local artists such as Zimbabwe Shona Stone Sculptors, Swiss boxes manufacturers and gold leaf illuminator or Italian furniture designers.

NadiaZ - Natural Haute Parfumerie & Cosmetics

NadiaZ purchases at a fair price ingredients that are ethically (environmentally sustainable and social protective) produced.
NadiaZ produces limited quantities and thus purchases small volumes. When indicated for the benefit of the producers, the brand fosters partnerships between communities and other companies or brands (including competitors) to enable them to sell more and thus maintain their production of a specific resource. It is the case for example for Ximenia and Omumbiri.

NadiaZ provides free technical advice along the value chain as well as for the design, monitoring and evaluation of environmental or social protection programs. We assess the quality of natural products and help networking and sharing knowledge across organizations and geographical locations.
See also the link for the creator areas of expertise.

NadiaZ is active in the promotion of new ethical business models, qualitative natural products and the interrelation between health, biodiversity and development.
By creating her range, NadiaZ aims at encouraging other brands to adopt similar principles and for customers to use their power to request them.