NadiaZ Prices Policy

NadiaZ prices policy is based on an evolutive evaluation of a sustainable way to reach NadiaZ mission by providing exceptional niche products while enabling customers to use NadiaZ cosmetics as a daily companion in support to their well-being.
NadiaZ is a social and family business, the result of years of Nadia’s work and dedication. It does not aim to reach a large volume of distribution or to divert funds to marketing campaigns, see also NadiaZ priority is to respond to its customers needs, provide bespoke services and coaching enable them to share their experiences around them while becoming life partners in their body and skin care needs for reaching their best potential.

NadiaZ Membership Programs 

NadiaZ adheres to a vision of solidarity economy where not all wealth is financial and takes up the challenge to demonstrate that an ultra-luxury brand can contribute to it. For example Love and Appreciation for Nature, Art and Health are priceless. At the heart of Nadia Zuodar motivation as a formulator and coach, the respect for the work, the true enjoyment, health and life benefits NadiaZ customers experience and testify about is invaluable.
Thus the brand explores innovative roads to enable its customers to manage their cosmetic care needs over the year or even their life course and getting rewarded for that. By entering into NadiaZ membership program, you will chose a plan for a year to get a minimum number of products at a discount price and every extra-product at the same rate. A discovery plan is also offered for newcomers to the brand. Plans with quaterly or monthly installments can be made available to selected customers and at the discretion of NadiaZ.

Annual Membership Program: Annual Members are rewarding for their loyalty by being offered a 40% discount on all cosmetic products bought during the year upon the purchase of 6 cosmetic products scheduled at once or quarterly. This program enables NadiaZ to ensure that annual members receiving lifestyle coaching can follow their plan. It also take into account specific needs for people whose rate of cosmetic consumption would be higher due to several factors such as size & weight, skin type, occupation, medical condition or who simply buy for their whole family.

Discovery Membership Program: Those new members are being offered a 35% discount on their first purchase of 3 cosmetic products  bought at once. For further purchases, they can either move to an Annual Membership or pay the normal prices as non-members.

Those membership programs do not apply to perfumes. However, would you need a higher consumption of perfumes due to your occupation (spa, therapist), feel free to contact

You can see the full price list below for more details (click on it for magnification and press the still button on the top left corner), it will be regularly updated, however in case of any discrepancy, the price indicated on each product page applies. For orders, memberships, cosmetic samples (NadiaZ will charge a small fee to cover for the making) or if you have any questions, feel free to contact