The NadiaZ philosophy is to protect indigenous plant species in their natural habitats and the communities living from them, many of which are not financially able to certify their products. Each and every ingredient is personally sourced and assessed by the company’s founder, Nadia Zuodar, based on her deep knowledge – accumulated during more than a decade working in international development – and the expertise contributed by a wide range of like-minded partnerships. All ingredients are either certified organic and ethical, or produced in similar conditions by less privileged communities and independent farmers, as well as sustainably wild harvested.

NadiaZ built a solid procurement network for over a decade. The selection of suppliers follows the following principles:

  • Communities, families and artists identified by NadiaZ and from which ingredients are either bought directly, or jointly with a like-minded partner. NadiaZ verifies the social and environmental practice either directly or through a competent partner such as a social business, NGOs or governmental programs.
  • Like minded business partners that deal with communities in countries where NadiaZ has not been present yet.
  • A few products require a high level of technology and are therefore procured from the supplier offering the best quality of all.

If you have a special product you would like to supply NadiaZ and that meets the brand ethics, you can write to [email protected].

If you wish to participate in the assessment of NadiaZ suppliers practices, visit one of NadiaZ partners or take part at any stage of NadiaZ ingredients traceability, share your suggestion by writiting to [email protected].

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