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Eco-tourism in unique biodiversity hotspots: the economic value of muck critters and macro-photography (photographed by Nadia Zuodar in apnea/freedive)

Underwater photography has gained immense popularity and made accessible the world most amazing jewels to the eyes of the public. But besides the colorful corals and pristine waters, there are a handful of sites that host unique species unlike any other seen in the world. Hiding on muddy bottoms, in sands and opaque waters, are [...]

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My journey in Indonesia: Moluccas or the last cockatoos hiding in Seram Island’s Manusela Park and the incredible work of the Indonesian Parrot Project This winter 2017-2018, my consulting activities led me to  beautiful and richly biodiverse Indonesia, where I assisted the government through the Global Green Growth Institue to elaborate green policy guidance in support to the country industrial development ( This 5 months mission offered me a unique opportunity to meet with partner organizations and communities in the region [...]

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Neglected aquatic plants: Ranonculus from Swiss Alpin Lakes photographed by Nadia Zuodar

Freediving in pristine swiss alpine lakes such as Lac Tanay VS  ( is a priviledge.  Even more so when discovering endangered aquatic plants such as Ranonculus, a humble  flower that flourishes in the water, creating the mesmerizing atmosphere I was lucky to witness : tens of tiny flowers captured in bubbles of air and releasing them gracefully [...]

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