NadiaZ Macadamia Bliss Body Scrub Review by Dr C

NadiaZ Macadamia Bliss Body Scrub Review

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After being able to try these fine natural cosmetics made with the highest quality ingredients, I got to share the pleasant experience! Nadia’s macademia nut scrub and perfumes are smelling divine and are very good for the skin. I get terrible painfull dry skin during winter and the scrub did wonders. Her natural perfumes are one of a kind!

Nadia Zuodar

Strategic advisor, CSR, Sustainable Resource Management and Founder of NadiaZ Social Enterprise

NadiaZ Natural Haute Parfumerie NadiaZ Luxury Natural Perfumes: Dear Dr C. I am glad Macadamia Bliss Body Scrub was a good addition to your winter body care ritual, it is indeed the best way to smooth the skin and make it receptive to body butter such as my New Life body butter. There is also Velvet Rose that is a very gentle scrub for the face based on the sa