NadiaZ Tucuma Cocoon ultra-soft deodorant and antifungal balm review by Savant Magazine

Sweating is not cool in any case, but nor are the aggressive chemicals and aluminium salts found in most regular deodorants. Swiss luxury range cosmetics brand NadiaZ offers a great alternative in the form of an artisanal blend of active indigenous plant based ingredients, helping to protect from unpleasant bodily odours in a more natural way. NadiaZ Tucuma Cocoon Ultra-Soft Deo, inspired by the founder’s research on Amazonian plants, with an easy-to-apply thick texture doesn’t even attempt to be your continuous 24h protection, but realistically needs to be re-applied every now and then to prevent you from sweating. If this means benefiting from the nature at its finest, we go in all the way. For effective results, make the best out of respecting the ancient rituals and ditch all the chemos.

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