Perfume Bespoke Coaching

Perfume Bespoke Coaching

300,00 CHF

One hour coaching session

Nadia Zuodar created her NadiaZ cosmetic range to address the specific needs of people with allergies and chronic conditions. Today lifestyle, exposure to contaminants, disconnect from nature and human evolution result in more people suffering from allergies and chronic pain. In many cases, skin sensitivity and inflammation proneness are genetically programmed, but we can act on their manifestations.

The selection of the best perfume for you is truly an initiatic journey towards your own self, an expression of your identity, your emotions, your lifestyle, how you connect with others and to the collective consciousness or archetypes of our relationship to Nature, the intrinsic nature of your body, mind and soul.

NadiaZ has created tools to guide you in discovering the best perfume for you. Consult our page Fragrance Discovery Tool and The Science and Art behind NadiaZ Perfumes learn more how NadiaZ creations are composed to work with Nature Chemistry.

Some people prefer to have individualized bespoke sessions where not only can they experiment with NadiaZ creations but also get to learn more about scents and plants or get initiated to some of NadiaZ botanical extracts from her collection

If you are interested in bespoke services than you may also request an individual first sessions where we can design our collaboration.

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