A Bespoke Experience

Let yourself be guided by NadiaZ in the selection of your fragrance which sublimes your skin and be bewildered by the fascinating alchemy making each perfume bespoke. Find a match to your personality and emotions to accompany you in your most enjoyable activities, feel the evocative power of natural indigenous ingredients and experience the new captivating dimension this brings into your life. On exceptional basis, NadiaZ bespoke creation will lead you on a soulful journey of up to a year to explore your signature scent and research the rare plants that will best embrace your aspirations. See also NadiaZ Perfume Bespoke Coaching on https://nadiaz.ch/product/perfume-bespoke-coaching/

NadiaZ offers lifestyle coaching as well for people suffering from allergies or chronic conditions. You can consult https://nadiaz.ch/product/nadiaz-lifestyle-coaching/


A selection of gold and silver powders can be added in the perfumes for enhanced attractiveness and playfulness. Personalized certified gold and diamonds labels can be engraved with your bottle’s unique edition number, a name or any inscription of your choice. Other High Jewelry adornments can be designed upon request.


NadiaZ provides technical advice on sustainable development, natural resources management, social corporate responsibility, sourcing & value chains, traceability and natural formulations. See also https://nadiaz.ch/about-creator/author-consultancies/