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Emanuel Dobos (Fragrantica) soulful and vivid review and interpretation on NadiaZ Haute Parfumerie Line, from the making to illustration of selected NadiaZ creations ( NadiaZ – Emotion by Essence Could it be a discovery, a new scent dimension? In perspective, scent conforms in unique atmospheres that go beyond our olfactive pleasures, truly an unforgettable experience. However, such encounter is not an every day occurrence, that’s until I came across Nadia Zuodar​ and her ultra niche all natural line [...]

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NadiaZ review in Fragrantica by Miguel Matos Nadia Z perfumes and colognes Country: Switzerland Main activity: Natural Perfumery Brand website: link This is a niche designer This is a natural perfumery brand The Nadia Z mission is to celebrate and care for diversity in all forms of life – as diverse and unique as each one of us – by sharing [...]

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