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Nadia Z African Wisdom Body Butter Review on Beauty Almanac by Miguel Matos Nadia Z African Wisdom Body Butter Review Published: 2016-11-11 by Miguel Matos in Reviews Nadia Zuodar is a Swiss creator that is dedicated to natural perfumery and cosmetics under her own brand Nadia Z. She composes the most precious and rare perfumes you can possibly find. She does a lot of humanitarian projects around [...]

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Emanuel Dobos (Fragrantica) soulful and vivid review and interpretation on NadiaZ Haute Parfumerie Line, from the making to illustration of selected NadiaZ creations ( NadiaZ – Emotion by Essence Could it be a discovery, a new scent dimension? In perspective, scent conforms in unique atmospheres that go beyond our olfactive pleasures, truly an unforgettable experience. However, such encounter is not an every day occurrence, that’s until I came across Nadia Zuodar​ and her ultra niche all natural line [...]

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NadiaZ review in Fragrantica by Miguel Matos Nadia Z perfumes and colognes Country: Switzerland Main activity: Natural Perfumery Brand website: link This is a niche designer This is a natural perfumery brand The Nadia Z mission is to celebrate and care for diversity in all forms of life – as diverse and unique as each one of us – by sharing [...]

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Review on NadiaZ Cosmetics by WWW.MOCHNI.COM Swiss Scientist Nadia Zuodar: The Health Benefits Of Natural Cosmetics CALLIE MANN JANUARY 16, 2017 In partnership with NadiaZ. Nadia Zoadar is a scientist and the creator of her own natural cosmetics brand Nadia Z, based in Lavaux, Switzerland. She worked in biochemistry and neurobiology and for humanitarian missions and organizations like UN in [...]

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NadiaZ introducing you to award-winning singer Coco Mbassi

Coco Mbassi is one of the most talented African singers of our time, the winner of several music awards. Of Cameroonian origin and born in Paris, she composes her songs herself in a fusion that blends African roots, gospel, jazz, soul...Very much like Nadia Zuodar, the founder of NadiaZ , she builds bridges between cultures [...]

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