NadiaZ Perfumes featured in Eluxe Magazine 2016 Christmas season



By Anna van der Heijden

Although Christmas is a joyous time for most, filled with friends, family and food, some people struggle with one major aspect of the holidays: gift giving.

Indeed, it is an art to know what to give a person. You really need to put yourself in their position and ask yourself: what would they truly like? It should be something novel, that they may not necessarily think to buy themselves. It should be something relatively unique that few others have. And it should be something, of course, that you are proud to give.

This latter point is helped along a bit when you know your gift is sustainable. Here, I’ve selected a variety of presents for Eluxe’s 2016 sustainable gift guide that are not only eco-friendly, but were mainly chosen to suit both men and women, to make your holiday giving a little bit easier.

3. A Lush, Natural Perfume by NadiaZ

NadiaZ creates perfumes for men and women that exotic, lush and highly unique. Handcrafted in small batches from highly concentrated, all natural materials like oud extract, frankincense and jasmine oils, they are just as focused on making you smell lovely as they are on preserving environment and the health of the wearer. These are pure – no nasty chemical solvents, preservatives or fragrance holders here. They’re the kind of gift the three kings would have been proud to present!