perfumes reviews in english

/perfumes reviews in english

NadiaZ Perfume Review by Perfumart in Brazil (Portuguese and English)

NADIA Z LUXURY NATURAL PERFUMES Nadia Z é uma marca de fragrâncias e cosméticos fundada na Suíça. Foi criada por Nadia Zuodar, cuja formação começou nas áreas de física e bioquímica, tendo se envolvido com missões humanitárias que nortearam seu trabalho para o cuidado com a biodiversidade e para questões ambientais e socioeconômicas, [...]

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Anji Bamboo Mist Unisex, a gracious Zen moment reviewed by Anita Kalnay

Anita Kalnay October 15, 2016 Courtenay, BC, Canada  Enjoying a Gracious Zen moment today with - Anji BambooMist Unisex - SOTD - "purify body and mind, rejuvenate" - evanescent! ..and YES it IS all of that. Complex, green and fruity with some of the most interesting and rare essences of Chinese Aglaia, beautiful green boronia, tuberose, [...]

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NadiaZ Perfumes Evocation of Archetypes review by Anita Kalnay

Anita Kalnay on Facebook Tue 10/4/2016 10:29 PM An afternoon of sniffing the truly amaZING perfume elixirs of Nadia Zuodar along with Svetlanas Komunity Turkish coffee. Pure DeLIGHT. These perfumes are in a league of their own creating a direct link to experiencing from the perspective of 'Group Consciousness' that we are all connected and [...]

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Magnolia Night Ode to Gobi unisex NadiaZ perfume reviewed by Ana y el Perfume ( anayelperfume 31 J’aime 2 h anayelperfumeHappy Monday everyone! My scent of the day is Magnolia Night Ode to Gobi by @nadiaz_natural_luxury_perfume, a beautiful, all natural, floral scent with sweet nuances and balsamic edges on a woody base.  Notes: magnolia, omumgorwa resin, lavander, copal, palo verde, lychee, choya nak, geranium, ximenia oil. #scent #luxury #perfume #magnolia#gobi #floral #balsamic elephantsandflowersI love Magnolia😊 sounds [...]

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NadiaZ Perfumes featured in Eluxe Magazine 2016 Christmas season

ELUXE MAGAZINE ARTICLES MAGAZINE OUR 2016 HOLIDAY SEASON SUSTAINABLE GIFT GUIDE By Anna van der Heijden Although Christmas is a joyous time for most, filled with friends, family and food, some people struggle with one major aspect of the holidays: gift giving. Indeed, it is an art to know what to give a person. You [...]

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Nadiejda Luntad visit of NadiaZ House Nadiejda Luntad added 4 new photos. July 16, 2016 ·  Nadia Zuodar Haute Natural Perfume creations is proof of her passions for Nature. She loves being immersed in Nature, mediating and is a fond apneist both in seas and lakes. When conveying emotions, energy ; her perfumes is one of the examples because of it superior olfactive sense [...]

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