perfumes reviews in english

/perfumes reviews in english

NadiaZ Magnolia Night Ode to Gobi review by Lera Moon 16.07.2019 Revealing for myself the world of flavors from Nadia Z, I understand more and more, how much I still do not know and how much new can be ahead, and it is very pleasing and gives inspiration! Magnolia in the nights of the Gobi Desert is another incredible olfactory experience. The fragrance is [...]

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NADIAZ ANJI BAMBOO MIST reviewed by Leramoon posted on Fragrantica The start is bright, rather more than tropical greenery, unknown plant fragrances mixed with the odor of a fat, unfamiliar soil, slightly moist and teeming with the life of another world... I have a feeling that all notes sound simultaneously and immediately, due to this, a volume of aroma is created. Personally, I [...]

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NadiaZ Perfume Review by Perfumart in Brazil (Portuguese and English)

NADIA Z LUXURY NATURAL PERFUMES Nadia Z é uma marca de fragrâncias e cosméticos fundada na Suíça. Foi criada por Nadia Zuodar, cuja formação começou nas áreas de física e bioquímica, tendo se envolvido com missões humanitárias que nortearam seu trabalho para o cuidado com a biodiversidade e para questões ambientais e socioeconômicas, [...]

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Anji Bamboo Mist Unisex, a gracious Zen moment reviewed by Anita Kalnay

Anita Kalnay October 15, 2016 Courtenay, BC, Canada  Enjoying a Gracious Zen moment today with - Anji BambooMist Unisex - SOTD - "purify body and mind, rejuvenate" - evanescent! ..and YES it IS all of that. Complex, green and fruity with some of the most interesting and rare essences of Chinese Aglaia, beautiful green boronia, tuberose, [...]

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NadiaZ Perfumes Evocation of Archetypes review by Anita Kalnay

Anita Kalnay on Facebook Tue 10/4/2016 10:29 PM An afternoon of sniffing the truly amaZING perfume elixirs of Nadia Zuodar along with Svetlanas Komunity Turkish coffee. Pure DeLIGHT. These perfumes are in a league of their own creating a direct link to experiencing from the perspective of 'Group Consciousness' that we are all connected and [...]

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Magnolia Night Ode to Gobi unisex NadiaZ perfume reviewed by Ana y el Perfume ( anayelperfume 31 J’aime 2 h anayelperfumeHappy Monday everyone! My scent of the day is Magnolia Night Ode to Gobi by @nadiaz_natural_luxury_perfume, a beautiful, all natural, floral scent with sweet nuances and balsamic edges on a woody base.  Notes: magnolia, omumgorwa resin, lavander, copal, palo verde, lychee, choya nak, geranium, ximenia oil. #scent #luxury #perfume #magnolia#gobi #floral #balsamic elephantsandflowersI love Magnolia😊 sounds [...]

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NadiaZ Perfumes featured in Eluxe Magazine 2016 Christmas season

ELUXE MAGAZINE ARTICLES MAGAZINE OUR 2016 HOLIDAY SEASON SUSTAINABLE GIFT GUIDE By Anna van der Heijden Although Christmas is a joyous time for most, filled with friends, family and food, some people struggle with one major aspect of the holidays: gift giving. Indeed, it is an art to know what to give a person. You [...]

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