Anji Bamboo Mist Unisex, a gracious Zen moment reviewed by Anita Kalnay

Enjoying a Gracious Zen moment today with – Anji BambooMist Unisex – SOTD – “purify body and mind, rejuvenate” – evanescent! ..and YES it IS all of that. Complex, green and fruity with some of the most interesting and rare essences of Chinese Aglaia, beautiful green boronia, tuberose, palo santo and coffee flower – divine! Perfect for cultivating a Zen moment. Oh so restorative ….. by one of my absolute favourite Natural Perfumers Nadia Zuodar of Switzerland. Nadia formulates the bases of her beautiful natural perfumes ‘like no other’ – complex and expertly woven, infused with rare herbal oils from around the world – pure elixirs for the soul. 

NadiaZ - Natural Haute Parfumerie & Cosmetics