NadiaZ Brand now available in miniature cosmetic samples and perfume mini roll-on

For an artcraft luxury brand like NadiaZ, creating miniature bottles requires as much care as normal size bottles. All NadiaZ products are handmade and pouring the brand precious products in these tiny 1.8 to 5 ml requires hours of patient manual work. Nevertheless, you had been asking for it, so we are glad to offer you the opportunity to make your first experience of the brand with these minis cosmetics.

NadiaZ Luxury Natural Perfumes are also available in mini roll-ons. Those are perfect to carry with you, as a gift, for a spa moment or for a special event. Some people use them to help them through various experiences (therapy, memory, education/plant discovery, weddings).

Have a look at to select your preferred cosmetics.

And for your favorite perfume.

We are also offering lifestyle coaching for people who need individualize advice to manage chronic conditions (allergies, pain) as well as perfume bespoke coaching for the ones who would like to get a step further into perfume knowledge, finding their perfume signature or simply learn about indigenous plants

Thanks for taking up NadiaZ natural journey.