NadiaZ African Wisdom Body Butter Review on Beauty Almanac by Miguel Matos

NadiaZ African Wisdom Body Butter Review

Published: 2016-11-11 by Miguel Matos in Reviews

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Nadia Zuodar is a Swiss creator that is dedicated to natural perfumery and cosmetics under her own brand Nadia Z. She composes the most precious and rare perfumes you can possibly find. She does a lot of humanitarian projects around the world and sometimes it’s in exotic countries where she finds not only inspiration but also very scarce materials that get included in her products. You can find HERE an article about her range of fragrances in Fragrantica, but today I wanted to announce an extremely good product in her line of skin care: African Wisdom Body Butter.

For very dry or damaged skin, this is a very thick paste, almost like wax in texture. It is extremely rich and maybe it will represent a different experience if you are looking for a 100% natural, vegan product. Suitable for sensitive skin, skin that has been through a hard time, this is just pure bliss and so pleasant to rub over tired, malnourished skin. If your skin has inflammation, allergy or if it has been under stress, please try this. I even tried over a recent tattoo which is still healing and it proved to help a lot, hydrating and protecting it. “Bases on an array of multi-tasking complexes – with a hugh percentage of phytosterol rich unrefined Shea Butter, Avocado and Marula, and antioxidants from Pomegranate and Papaya – its opulent non-siccative texture and formula have been optimized to enhance the barrier of atopic skins agains extreme weather and pollution and help manage a variety of conditions, including irritation and eczema in complement to medical treatments”, says Nadia Z.

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African Wisdom is indeed a powerful butter with all its restorative and anti-inflammatory properties, but it also has cosmetic qualities. I find my skin to have a bright glow, a better texture and overall healthy look when I use it. I have extremely dry skin on my arms and it helps a lot locking up all the moisture I can get. It seems to be a very useful product and in the winter it proves to enhance protection against the aggressions of cold and winds. Since it is a natural product, no fragrance or preservatives have been added. But this doesn’t mean that is has no smell at all. In fact it smells like natural waxes and oils. Maybe it can’t pleasant to everyone, this smell. But it’s discreet and it goes away quickly. The results are worth it.

The African Wisdom Body Butter comes in 100ml jars and it can be purchased directly from the NADIA Z Official Website.