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Japanese Spring NadiaZ for men

Japanese Spring NadiaZ for men

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A well kept secret encompassing which can be described by the scent of rain. It draws its original and ethereal nature from Namibian Omumbingu Resin, the narcotic emanations of Hyacinth sweetened by the earthy and masculine whose character is strengthened by a hint of pheromonal Hyraceum.

Japanese Spring by Nadia Z is a Floral Aquatic fragrance for men. The nose behind this fragrance is Nadia Zuodar. The fragrance features resins, hyacinth, earthy notes and hyrax.

Perfume rating: 5.00 out of 5 with 3 votes.

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Japanese Spring Fragrance Reviews

Japanese Spring Man is not a fragrance that you’d thought to fall in love with. It’s not particularly sexy or attention pulling, in the common sense, but there’s a spiritualistic feel to this scent that after the first sniff it keeps you coming back for more.

The scent itself is very unique, a perfect blend of two genres of fragrances, Amber and Aquatic. This scent combines warm earthy resins with a touch of watery aquatic accord, creating a very soothing experience. As it dries down you’ll start to notice an amber-y type of sweetness coming through, but it’s very subtle in nature, which in my opinion, just perfect for this composition. The sweetness adds to the soothing and overall spiritual theme very well, if this was any sweeter it would lose this quality but in this blend it’s just perfect. The resin has a thick syrupy quality that when mix with the watery aquatic accord gives this fragrance a very interesting texture, completely different from anything I’ve ever smelled. What I love also is that the scent smells completely natural, and to some extends, very raw in a good way. You will definitely be able to smell the quality of the ingredients used and that’s hard to come by in most fragrances nowadays. I got to say, it had truly been eye opening testing this fragrance. It goes without saying that I really love it. It’s unique, high quality, and simply beautiful. The best way I can find to describe it is imagine earthy, warm, amber-y resins in the rain. It’s one of my most favorites from the house.

Longevity this sticks on clothes longer on clothes than on my skin. On clothes it last over a day, but on skin so far in the warmer weather I get about 6 hours, in the colder weather it doesn’t performs well, so this is definitely more of a summer fragrance.

Occasion this can actually be worn in any occasion, but I’d prefer it for indoors because of its subtle nature, it doesn’t push out very strongly, so it’ll struggle a bit if you wear it outdoors. I personally wear this scent when I’m thinking of relaxing at home or when I want to work on a project. It’s just very calming and perfect for those situations.

Conclusion, if you have the chance this house is definitely one everyone needs to at least sample. From a person who loves to discover unique fragrances, I can for certain say, this house gives one of the most unique in experiences that I’ve ever found.