Anita Kalnay and Svetlanas Review on Espiritua Pirata and Métamorphose Lilas Night

An afternoon of sniffing the truly amaZING perfume elixirs of Nadia Zuodar along with Svetlanas Komunity Turkish coffee. Pure DeLIGHT. These perfumes are in a league of their own creating a direct link to experiencing from the perspective of ‘Group Consciousness’ that we are all connected and NATURE provides the harmony. So beautiful to experience this ‘relationship’ – love……

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Svetlanas Komunity
Svetlanas Komunity What a perfect way to come to my desired outcome. My last 3 days I was doing my ascension and when Anita Kalnay came over for a visit and Turkish Coffee she brought over this amazing work that was done by Nadia Z. The perfume that called out to me was Metamorphose Lilas Night-Unisex-. In those few seconds I was taken through all the realms, timelines, and bodies to my desired outcome where I am the hero to my story!!
Many thanks to Anita and Nadia!! 💕💕much love
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 · October 4, 2016 at 10:38pm

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Anita Kalnay

Anita Kalnay Espiritu Pirata- woman – jumped into my arms and hugged me for the rest of the day ‘humming like a cargo of gold’ in the hold. It picked me!

Anita Kalnay
Anita Kalnay Its impossible to describe these 100% natural perfumes from the perspective of scent alone. Not only is Nadia one of the best Formulators out there with her background as a Scientist – but she also captures the beauty and empathy of an Artist and the graciousness and generosity of a true healer (much of her work is International Relief work that has taken her around the world). I will write more about these Perfumes soon, but they deserve to be tested carefully and consciously. Also, let’s just say – one or two of these little marvels of scent – really won’t be enough. They all do something entirely quite different. Nadia is from Switzerland – here’s more. I quite like this page on her website.
Nadia Zuodar
Nadia Zuodar Dear Anita and Svetlanas, your words warm my heart. It is people like you who give meaning to all the passion and effort put in the work.