Magnolia Night Ode to Gobi unisex NadiaZ perfume reviewed by Ana y el Perfume (


31 J’aime

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  • elephantsandflowersI love Magnolia😊 sounds great👍💚
  • Supprimer le commentairenadiaz_natural_luxury_perfumeMagnolia is a very powerful scent, in this perfume I try to reinterprete Magnolia in a way it has not been done before, rather has an accord that enriches the composition. This is a highly complex perfumes with about 60 plants. It is the first time palo verde, a shrub from the sonora desert has ever been used in a perfume. Your skin is the final ingredient, the perfume can become an innocent floral usually on light skins, asian or north european natives, or can take a mystic, dark and spicy woody tone on people with african, mediterranean or middle eastern ascent. But it also varies depending on age and gender.At the end of the day, you will only know when you try on yourself and experiment it on a few other people.
  • anayelperfume@nadiaz_natural_luxury_perfume interesting fact! Thank you for the additional information.