Perfume Carry-On Special Events Mini-Spray

Perfume Carry-On Special Events Mini-Spray

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Perfume Carry-On Special Events Mini-Spray

NadiaZ Perfume Collection is  available in single Mini-Spray edition, suited to carry with you along. It is a new and playful approach to perfumes, whereby you can live an intense sensorial moment for a special event such as your wedding, a romantic dinner or night or as a thoughtful gift. You may also want to use if for your spa treatment or therapy or simply to emotionally support you in times of needs. A perfume such as Anji Bamboo Mist  is particularly adapted for this format as its natural and very potent green forest fragrance  is perfect to apply in tiny doses on your wrist to give you the extra-boost you need to pursue your daily activities or during sport. Other perfumes like  Metamorphose Lilas Cuir are best when sensually experimented on the skins of two lovers.

The Mini-Spray, in a small 1.8ml/0.06 oz format, fits in a pocket,  while Collection Vetiver Expressionism By Flowers  and Symphonie de Cologne Opus I,  come in a double format of 4ml (0.13 oz) the size of a lipstick.

Please consult the Fragrance Discovery Tool for more information on Scents, Emotions and Skin Types to guide your selection There is a limitation to the number of Mini-Spray that can be purchased and starting from 3 Mini-Spray, we recommend you to upgrade to our Perfume Discovery Box.

Additional Information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 4 cm
Product Name

Air de Pêcher Unisex, Ayiti Pasyon Vetiver Unisex, Coral Jasmine Bengal Moon Woman, Cretaceous Oud Era Unisex, Noon RainForest Light Unisex, Anji Bamboo Mist Unisex, Camino de Azahar Man, Camino de Azahar Oro Man, Camino de Azahar Oro Woman, Camino de Azahar Woman, Celestial Violet Man, Celestial Violet Woman, Espìritu Pirata Man, Espìritu Pirata Woman, Fleur de Loukoum Day Woman, Fleur de Loukoum Night Woman, Japanese Spring Man, Japanese Spring Woman, Magnolia Night Ode to Gobi Unisex, Mar de Cadiz Man, Mar de Cadiz Unisex, Métamorphose Lilas Cuir Unisex, Métamorphose Lilas Day Woman, Métamorphose Lilas Night Unisex, Métamorphose Lilas Pink Woman, Omumgorwa Walnut Day Unisex, Omumgorwa Walnut Night Unisex, Symphonie de Cologne Opus I Unisex

Natural Plant-Based Perfume Content

Glass Mini-Spray S 4ml/0.13 fl.oz, Glass Mini-Spray XS 2ml/0.06 fl.oz


Educational, Home & Cocooning, Massage, Phyto-Care, Sensorial Experience, Spa


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