Coral Jasmine Bengal Moon Woman (Collection Vetiver Expressionism By Flower)

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Coral Jasmine Bengal Moon Woman (Collection Vetiver Expressionism By Flower)

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“In the urban jungle, a Woman…”
Floral, Seductive, Hypnotic and Determined.

Coral Jasmine Bengal Moon. Woman. Natural Perfume

About the Collection Vetiver Expressionism by Flower:The Vetiver is a Grass, which roots produce one of the most complex perfumery materials with captivating nuances from oud-like tones, to wood or honey notes depending on its terroir: country origins, type of soil, whether it is cultivated or wild and the processing techniques. NadiaZ exploits the various scent profiles of Haiti most prized vertiver to draw subtle harmonies like a painter palette. The Collection is an hommage to this plant modest in appearance but hiding a true treasure. Like the Expressionist Movement, that bored famous artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Donray, Wassily Kandinsky or Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka, the concept of the Collection is to decline atmospheres and emotions from a Vetiver Heart into variations compositions where a Flower is placed in the Spotlight. For Ayiti Pasyon Vetiver Unisex, it is the Coffee Blossom (Coffea arabica), for Coral Jasmine Bengal Moon Woman it is the very rare Nyctanthes arbor-tristis (Coral Jasmine/Parijata), for Noon Rainforest Light Unisex it is a particular variety of green scented Jasmine called Auri (Jasminum auriculatum) seldom used in western perfumery and even less as a head note, and finally for Cretaceous Oud Era Unisex  it is the Cassie Flower (Acacia farnesiana ) married with the magestic Oud (Aquilaria agallocha).


It is a vernissage in an mondaine gallery, a summer night in a capital red district, a couple dinner home hoping to raise above the routine or an animist ritual in the Pacific. A woman evolves amidst the crowds; sensual, subversive, sometimes provocative, sometimes elegant, always focused. In this urban jungle she understands the game, a primate in nature, playful yet dangerous business of influence and power, gender biases and alliances. She had to learn to seduce and fight, seduction as a weapon and fight as an affirmation. Seductive as a forbidden flower, powerful and determined as a tigress. Yet she also had to learn to blend and inspire, blend like an invisible cement maintaining family or community bonds or inspire with her values, example and hopes. She has lived all the lives, from the executive privileged, to the innocent one on a virgin beache, the insignificant dulled by monotony or the most decadent under the city’s pink neons alcoves. Dressed in designer clothes or with her natural nudity, in desacralized miniskirt or unisex gowns, she has appeared in many forms, under many identities and ways of living.
She embodies every woman that has blessed society with her presence, being furtive or tragic, happy or famous. And through her fragrance she emerges and settles dignified, as she knows her full potential beneath the hazards of life surface. And when all is said and done, She is proudly a Woman.

The deeply penetrating scent of the rare Coral Jasmine/Parijata flower, a poem in itself as it reminds somewhat of orange blossom and jasmine bouquet, with an hypnotic quality and faint creaminess conferring both strength and feminity. Lime and Vetiver accords balanced to perfection to confer to the flower its due position.

Closest olfactive family

Oriental, Floral, Citrusy, faintly Creamy.

Highly Seductive, Passionate, Hypnotic and Calming.

Consult NadiaZ Science & Art page and the Fragrance Discovery Tool for more information on Scents, Emotions and Skin Types for this perfume. For a first sampling experience, try the Perfume Minis and the CollectionVetiver Discovery Box.For an extended sensorial experience and a special event, you can request a batch of one of NadiaZ Bespoke Chocolates.

Note: This perfume is highly concentrated and contains Lime Oils, see the instructions and Use and Allergies. NadiaZ is open to collaboration with like-minded companies to produce a retail niche Eau de Toilette version.

Additional Information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions22 × 15 × 6 cm
Natural Plant-Based Perfume Content

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Alcohol (Alcohol), **Parfum (Fragrance), Aqua (Water), Ximenia Americana (Ximenia) Seed Oil, Mel (Honey), Butyrum (Butter), Glycerin (Vegetable Glycerin), Tocopherol (Vit. E), *Benzyl Alcohol, *Cinnamyl Alcohol, *Farnesol, *Benzyl Salicylate, *Citronellol, *Cinnamal, *Coumarin,*Eugenol, *Geraniol, *Linalool.

* Occurs naturally in essential oils
** Essential and vegetable oils and extracts
100% natural plant ingredients and beehive products. No synthetic fragrances. Vegetarian.

All NadiaZ products are made with Virgin Vegetable Oils and GMO free. No chemical preservatives, parabens or mineral oils. Patch tested on humans. No animal testing.

The Collection Vetiver Expressionism by Flower aims to put the spotlight on the essence of individual ingredients in a smaller number than the 15-200 NadiaZ signature Perfume harmonies. Independantly of their number, NadiaZ perfumes may contain plants which bear unique active ingredients and interact with each other in holistic compositions. The featured plants are a selection of some of them for you to discover. Please check the menu NadiaZ Ingredients to learn more about the brand repertoire. NadiaZ is involved in research on the specific phytotherapeutic properties of indigenous plants, however perfumes enter in the cosmetic category and not in the medicinal one, which is why legislation do not make it possible to describe those on this website or the brand documentations. Feel free to google them or check on Wikipedia to get more information, or send an email for specific questions.

Coral Jasmine/Parijata (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis):
Far from being a jasmine, the fabulous Nyctanthes flower (with Parijata as its Indian name) grown in India and Sri Lanka shares its potency with the latter. However, its deeply penetrating scent reminds somewhat of orange blossom and jasmine bouquet, with the hypnotic quality undertones found in lotus and the creaminess of Magnolia and Frangipane. Comparing its sublime and unique aroma to other flowers is a lack of respect for this sublime perfumery material. Sadly, due to cost and the relinkish of natural ingredients, it has become a Graal Quest to find any pure Nycthantes absolute. The little production available in the market is actually most likely to be synthetically tampered and the only true material may be found rather in remote research labs. NadiaZ nevertheless takes the challenge to offer this perfume creation to bring this unique flower to the attention of the world, with the hope that in the future, the company expansion or a business partnership may enable the brand to afford a dedicated plantation. For a vibrant recollection experiencing with the Parijata tree, read the Journey from Christpher MacMahon from WhiteLotusAromatics “Parijata the wish granting tree”“Parijata the wish granting tree”“Parijata the wish granting tree”.

Vetiver (Vetivera zizanioides):
A tall perennial scented grass mainly cultivated in the tropics – in India, Tahiti, Java, Salvador and especially in Haiti – its root can reach deeper than some trees, which besides being the source of an exquisite oil, offers a range of benefits to the communities such as to fight soil erosion or as a natural detoxifier. It bears captivating nuances from oud-like tones, to wood or honey, sweet, oriental, almost tobacco-like aroma, or a smoky green depending on its terroir: country origins, type of soil, whether it is cultivated or wild and the processing techniques. The Java Vetiver is known for its distinct smoky flavor while its Haiti counterpart is in comparison round and ambery. The soil composition has a large role to play, in Haiti depending on the mineral nature of the soil, it can give birth to an extraordinary Vetiver de Pierre or Stone Vetiver which sweet nature is virtually exempt from the smoky and grassy notes, bearing even more resemblance to Oud. In addition, the production in Haiti provides much needed income to its impoverished population. For a vibrant history of Vetiver through the ages, we recommend reading the Osmotheque article “Vetiver : a palette of woody fragrances”“Vetiver : a palette of woody fragrances”“Vetiver : a palette of woody fragrances”.


Lime Petitgrain (Citrus aurantifolia):
The oil is made from the leaves and twigs of the Lime tree. It bears a distinctive citrus scent in a woody and somewhat spicy bouquet. The oil is often used to reduce anxiety, boost energy and uplift the mood. In phytotherapy, it is used to help the respiratory system and is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. However, its high content in limonene can cause contact allergies, it is therefore not to be used regularly or in large quantities.

Ximenia Oil (Ximenia americana):
Also known as African Sour Plum and originating from the Southern Africa Savannah, this oil has a unique honey-like consistency and is extremely moisturizing. It is reputed to be antimicrobial, and stimulates the sebaceous glands, promoting optimal skin functions. It is an excellent fixative for perfumes, thus creating lasting aromas.