The Fragrance Guru Nation (Ana Stoian) review on Camino de Azahar by NadiaZ

Scent of the evening – Camino de Azahar Woman by Nadia Z “A celebration of the Mediterranean wandering though the Orange Blossom alleys of its ancient cities”. Passionate, oriental spicy, citrusy and floral.
A celebration of the Mediterranean ancient cities, such as Seville in Andalusia or Palermo in Sicily, and its breathtaking alleys of fragrant citrus with the emblematic Azahar (orange blossom flower). This ageless perfume is for gala nights; affirmative through subtle, for the seductive confident woman (from her website).
Ingredients: Indian Ocean and South African flowers and herbs (ylang-ylang, Cape verbena, longaza, rooibos), wild Swiss mushrooms, citrus (neroli, bergamot, Iranian black lemons), precious woods (sandalwood), Continental flowers (Damascus rose) and various indigenous oils (Ximenia, Yangu).