NadiaZ introducing you to award-winning singer Coco Mbassi

Coco Mbassi is one of the most talented African singers of our time, the winner of several music awards. Of Cameroonian origin and born in Paris, she composes her songs herself in a fusion that blends African roots, gospel, jazz, soul…Very much like Nadia Zuodar, the founder of NadiaZ , she builds bridges between cultures in a very unique, refined, introspective and committed manner. A pristine voice that reaches right into your soul to awaken the best parts of oneself, our aspiration to beauty, to sharing, to being bewildered, to express feelings deeply buried and comfort the child in us. Coco Mbassi’s thoughtful approach to art lead her to produce 3 masterpiece albums over the past decade, far away from commercial standards and productivity targets. Each one of them is a gem and her songs present a variety not just between songs but within each song that will transport you into meditative states you’ll forget the world exists. Throughout each song is her voice, which purity, whose tenderness, warmth and wisdom will take you by the hand, cradle you, encourage you or simply mirror your own breathing. But there is also dignity, strength and courage and a palpitation that will capture your heart and that unconsciously, will grow on you thanks to the richness and syncopated ever changing rhythms and delicate piano touch. NadiaZ is honored that Coco has accepted to illustrate her future videos with Coco’s remarkable songs. As we will be working hard to develop a video that can live up to the standards of Coco’s voice and as it will take us some time, we couldn’t refrain from introducing you to Coco’s world. Please visit Coco’s website on and hear her playlist on or non official recordings on YouTube Needless to say, you will want to own the CDs if only to get a chance to hear her voice in a high definition. Coco’s beauty shines through in simplicity and without the need for artificial technological effects being in image or in sound, and by the time you start playing her music you’ll already be closing your eyes anyway and listening with an intensity you forgot you were capable to.