Massoia in NadiaZ Perfumes

For the ones who wonder about Massoia, check The oil is extracted from the wood of this tree from New Guinea where it is considered as medicine. It is one of the very few plants like coconut containing free lactones, which have this distinct mellow creamy scent. Most of the coco-like scents found in the market are made with synthetics but smelling massoia is one of the experience one wouldn’t forget as it is such an universally loved scent just like caramel is. Like many other plants though (for example cinnamon), the extract can be irritant which is why in the USA the IFRA excludes it, but as those recommendations depend on the countries you live in, it is perfectly accepted in Switzerland, in the EU and the rest of the world. All my research revolves around the best and most healthy use of indigenous plants looking at how concentrations but also synergies with other plants play a role in their interactions with our bodies and minds. Current practice for lab tests on plants are made in isolation, our knowledge in chemistry being far more developed than the ones of the plants themselves, we can hardly measure the effect of more than a couple substances at a time. A perfume like Espiritu Pirata would have several thousands different plants molecules in interaction…As I invented new forms to make perfumes, Espiritu Pirata has a special particularly heavy texture that enables a best tolerability on the skin and like all my perfumes it is to be used in small quantities for great occasions. So by default all of you who require samples get the full experience of Espiritu Pirata with Massoia and so far all the customers of this perfume request it with it. Nevertheless for the USA in case you wanted a version without Massoia, I also offer it upon request, but I don’t advise it because it will loose some of its most tender notes for a sharper version.

Massoia is a tropical tree native to New Guinea. This medium-sized tree grows in rain-forests at 400 m to 1000 m altitude. The bark of the tree is aromatic and has a pleasant sweet, coconut-like flavor. The bark is used for production of massoia bark oil, which is obtained through steam distillation…