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Symphonie de Cologne Opus I Unisex

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“The encounter between East and West in the reinvention of Classics. When cracked soil begs for the arrival of the rains in the expectation to bear young ferns, grasses and leaves by the riversides.”

Freshly Herbaceous, Green Wood & Ferns, Earthy.

Symphonie de Cologne Opus I (Cologne Symphony Opus I). Unisex. Natural Perfume.

An immersion in all shades of green, from the aromatic herbs around the globe to the ferns by the riverside, young leaves searching for light in the impenetrable forest and the characteristic scent of chlorophyll, life powerhouse. In a distant land, the thirsty soil shows earth’s entrails, counting the days till the arrival of the rains, holding tightly to its seeds, aimed to give birth to the colonization of grasses. Soon a river will be born; its aquatic olfactive presence will nurture all living forms, while searching its path to the sea to form new rains. A nap in the greenery, one of those privileged moments of being and savoring the ephemeral nature of seasonality.


A fresh herbs and leaves bouquet from all continents majestically illustrated by the Japanese Shiso and the subtle Holy Basil and Betel Leaves. Cologne inspired ingredients such as Lavender, Cedar and Ambergris unexpectedly meet Indian classics such as the monsoon baked earth Mitti Attar and Saffron. When soil and vegetation embrace in the cycle of life, earthy mineral-like hints of Brazilian Copal and Andiroba find resonance in the crisp brightness and mysticism of the purest Omani Green Hojari Frankincense.

Closest olfactive family
Green, rainy fresh, fern, earthy

A chameleon, energizing and relaxing depending on one’s state of mind and needs.

Consult NadiaZ Science & Art page and the Fragrance Discovery Tool for more information on Scents, Emotions and Skin Types for this perfume. For a first sampling experience, try the Perfume Minis and the CollectionVetiver Discovery Box. For an extended sensorial experience and a special event, you can request a batch of one of NadiaZ Bespoke Chocolates.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 6 cm
Natural Plant-Based Perfume Content

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Alcohol (Alcohol), **Parfum (Fragrance), Aqua (Water), ***Ambergris Tincture, Ximenia Americana (Ximenia) Seed Oil, Glycerin (Vegetable Glycerin), Tocopherol (Vit. E), *Benzyl Alcohol, *Benzyl Salicylate, *Cinnamal, *Cinnamyl Alcohol, *Geraniol, *Citronellol, *Eugenol, *Limonene, *Linalool.

* Occurs naturally in essential oils
** Essential and vegetable oils and extracts
*** Ambergris is an excreta from Sperm Whales extracted in a clean tincture, that takes value by the long periods of time it would have been floating in the sea. Thus, no whales are harmed nowadays when collecting beach washed Ambergris.
100% natural plant and pure ambergris. No synthetic fragrances. Vegetarian.

All NadiaZ products are made with Virgin Vegetable Oils and GMO free. No chemical preservatives, parabens or mineral oils. Patch tested on humans. No animal testing.

NadiaZ perfumes may contain 15-150 plants which bear unique active ingredients and interact with each other in NadiaZ holistic compositions. The featured plants are a selection of some of them for you to discover. Please check the menu NadiaZ Ingredients to learn more about the brand repertoire. NadiaZ is involved in research on the specific phytotherapeutic properties of indigenous plants, however perfumes enter in the cosmetic category and not in the medicinal one, which is why legislation do not make it possible to describe those on this website or the brand documentations. Feel free to google them or check on Wikipedia to get more information, or send an email for specific questions.

Andiroba (Carapa Guianensis):
From the heart of the Amazon, Andiroba oil is processed from the Carapa Guianensis tree and is highly valued for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is an important resource for local communities, when exploited sustainably. NadiaZ promotes its use in perfumery, where it imbues very subtle, light, creamy and sweet notes.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia and subgenus):
Lavender is highly prized worldwide for its unmistakable floral fresh and woody scent reminiscent of the fields in Tuscany or Provence. Its scent and therapeutic profile depends on subgenus and species as well as on the altitude, with Bulgarian High Altitude Lavender being arguably one of the finest. NadiaZ blends various lavenders in order to reach more complex and rounder scent profiles. In aromatherapy, Lavender is used an an anxiolytic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. Lavender contains linalyl acetate that may cause contact dermatitis on predisposed people.

Copal (Protium hepytaphyllum and other varieties):
Also called Breu Branco in Brazil, it is a resin the tree naturally exudes from its trunk as a mean to protect itself against parasites or scratches caused by animals. It is initially a shiny white substance with a rather mineral somewhat spicy scent that dries up and solidifies with time. The shamans from the Amazonian forest use it for religious ceremonies the same way incense is being used in churches, or they make a medicinal topical preparation by mixing in oil for skin cicatrization and respiratory diseases. Copal makes an excellent natural fixative in perfumes due to its natural stickiness.

Mitti attar (Baked Earth):
One of the most ancient and sacred tradition in India who developed a technique to capture the exquisite scent of the earth in the beginning of monsoon season. The sun baked earth is upturned and while dry and dormant, its soil blooms with microorganisms’ activity as soon as the tiniest drops of water reach it. The sublime aroma of the soil is distilled by artisans and settled on sandalwood oil to create this rich, soulful attar. Sandalwood in India is subject to government quotas due to the over-exploitation of the resource. Nevertheless, NadiaZ supports India’s cultural heritage preservation and collaborates actively in the search of greener production and alternative solutions for the fabrication of attars. For this reason, while it is a work in progress to improve the sustainability, NadiaZ chose to present this unique ingredient as a way to draw the attention and resources needed for its greening progresses and as an homage to mother’s earth reminding us to perceive and protect our soil rich life diversity.

Saffron (Crocus sativus):
The stigmas of the delicate saffron flowers are harvested by hand and dried to make one of the world’s most expensive and aromatic spices. Its scent is so penetrating that the tiniest amount is needed to instill an oriental, earthy and powdery quality to a perfume.

Shiso (Perilla frutescens):
Asian herbalists have used Shiso for centuries to treat flu and colds thanks to its antiviral and antibacterial properties. It is commonly used as well as a food preservative and aromatic culinary ingredient. Shiso scent is green in essence with sweet and minty notes and a water quality in it. It is a very soothing aroma inviting to relaxation and meditation.

Green Hojari Frankincense (Boswellia sacra):
Boswellia trees are revered since ancient times, used in religious ceremonies as well as referred to in sacred books. The resin exudes from the trunk of the trees and varies in quality and scent profile depending on many factors including the origin, the age of the tree, weather conditions,asn. Despite conservation and cultivation efforts, the tree population is declining and aging. The Omani Green Hojari locally known as Luban Zakar is one of the rarest quality and bears a mystical powerful fresh citrus menthol scent with mineral hints. The over-exploitation of the trees contributed to their decline but nowadays there is also a risk of neglect if the long established harvesting communities are left without resource due to lack of purchase. Pragmatically, it is thus important to support the frankincense economy and valorize this holy resin in order to save the trees from extinction.

Ambergris (ambra grisea):
Ambergris is one of the rarest find and its value surpasses the one of gold. It can be used in natural perfumes in an ethical perspective. Ambergris is an excreta from Sperm Whales that takes value by the long periods of time it would have been floating in the sea, which is why