Mar de Cadiz Man

Mar de Cadiz Man

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“The true essence of the Ocean through the eyes of a lover of the blue depths. ”
Oceanic, Earthy, Wild and Virile.

Mar de Cadiz (Sea of Cadiz). Man. Natural Perfume.

The green iodine smell of the Cadiz coastline evoking seaweed drying on the shores under the summer sun. A reconstitution of the blend of scents left on the skin when emerging from tempestuous seaweed-filled waters. Wilderness and sheer physical beauty. This perfume is truly unique, ageless and only for Sea Lovers and a Man willing to reveal his true nature and instincts.

The perfume oceanic salty smoky hint is recreated from various Oceanic Seaweeds while the forest soil dampness is subtly emanating from Tree Mosses, Mushrooms, Precious Woods and various Indigenous Oils (Ximenia, Ucuuba).  Its fresh lightness is extracted from leaves such as the exclusive Kewra (Pandanus), Green Tea and Mate. Its dynamism is conferred by various flowers, leaves and citruses including the vivifying Narcissus, Indian Cress, Green Mandarin, Bergamot, Yuzu and Iranian Black Lemons. Its hypnotic and sensual undertones emerge from precious flowers such as Lotus and Carnation.

Closest olfactive family
Fresh Water/Citrus/Green, Slightly Floral, Woody and Oceanic.

Detoxifying, stress reliever, tonifying though relaxing and uplifting.

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Ingredients: Alcohol (Alcohol), **Parfum (Fragrance), Aqua (Water), Ximenia Americana (Ximenia) Seed Oil, Glycerin (Vegetable Glycerin), Tocopherol (Vit. E), Usnea Barbata (Lichen) Extract, Evernia prunastri (Oakmoss) extract, *Benzyl benzoate, *Citronellol, *Eugenol, *Limonene, *Linalool.

* Occurs naturally in essential oils
** Essential and vegetable oils and extracts

100% natural plant ingredients. No synthetic fragrances.Vegan.

All NadiaZ products are made with Virgin Vegetable Oils and GMO free. No chemical preservatives, parabens or mineral oils. Patch tested on humans. No animal testing.

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Natural Plant-Based Perfume Content

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NadiaZ perfumes may contain 15-150 plants which bear unique active ingredients and interact with each other in NadiaZ holistic compositions. The featured plants are a selection of some of them for you to discover. Please check the menu NadiaZ Ingredients to learn more about the brand repertoire. NadiaZ is involved in research on the specific phytotherapeutic properties of indigenous plants, however perfumes enter in the cosmetic category and not in the medicinal one, which is why legislation do not make it possible to describe those on this website or the brand documentations. Feel free to google them or check on Wikipedia to get more information, or send an email for specific questions.

Nadia personally extracts some of the properties from a variety of green and red seaweed, such as fucus, dulse, kelp, sourced from oceans and coasts. Seaweeds are naturally rich in minerals and trace elements and are a source of Iodine and Bromine. The preservation and sustainable exploitation of oceanic kelp forests is a priority as they are the most productive and dynamic ecosystems on Earth yet are under critical pressure from human activity, especially from overfishing and climate change.




Oakmoss (Evernia prunasti):
This is a type of lichen harvested in European forests. A favorite in luxury ancient scents, it is incomparable to any other extract, embracing the essence of centuries-old oak forests and the smell of damp air. Its concentration is very limited to reduce sensitization and its atranol content is rectified.


Nadia and her father personally collect edible wild Swiss mushrooms, some highly prized for their gustative properties and others which are largely ignored. She also procures them from continental Europe, among other places, to prepare exclusive extracts through her bespoke production techniques. Mushroom availability varies immensely between the seasons by and year, thus the proportion used in perfumes can vary.


Yuzu (Citrus junos):
This special species of Japanese lemon, used traditionally for bathing since the 18th century, has a subtle sweet citrus aroma that stimulates immunity, uplifts the emotions, and relaxes the nervous system.


Mate (Ilex paraguariensis):
Mate leaves were first used by indigenous communities in Brazil, before European colonization. Although traditionally a drink for rituals in Latin America, as a scent it is complex and sophisticated, reminiscent of green tea.


Narcissus (Narcissus poeticus):
Known since times of the Ancient Greeks and revered in literature, Narcissus Absolute, a rare ingredient, is mainly produced in Europe and is highly prized for its enigmatic, crisp, green, floral scent.




Old Man’s Beard Lichen (Usnea barbata):


Kewra (Pandanus odoratissimus):
The Pandanus tree and flowers are of great cultural and economic importance in India and the Pacific Islands and highly valued for their health benefits. The penetrative and distinctive scent of the Kewra extract is very rare in Western perfumery.


Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera):
Used in Ayurveda practice, the Lotus is considered sacred by many cultures. The Lotus was used as far back as in Ancient Egypt and it is also a component in Hindu sacred perfumes. A symbol of enlightenment, this delicate flower, unspoiled by the muddy waters, is cultivated widely in India and Uganda.