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Capsirin Nasal Ointment

Nasal Ointment/ Nasal & Lips Ointment

Capsirin is an innovative preparation for the treatment and prevention of chronic rhinitis (Capsirin Forte) and for the care of the mucous membranes of the nose and lips (Capsirin Soft Cream) entirely made of indigenous plants from various continents. Capsirin is particularly indicated for vasomotor rhinitis (non allergic) but contributes also to alleviate the symptoms of allergic rhinitis as well as nose dryness due to various causes such as environmental or due to the use of devices to assist in breathing (ex. CPA).

Capsirin is not for sale at the moment as we are seeking investors to support its registration and commercialization. It is nevertheless possible to pre-order at

With indigenous plants complexes including

Natural Plant-Based Cosmetics Content

Will be disclosed later.

Wash your hands thoroughly and put a tiny drop of about half of a pinhead on your finger, insert in your nose and apply the product gently on all the surface of the mucous membrane of the nostril. Repeat on the other nostril. Wash your hands. A strong taste sensation in the mouth is an indicator that the quantity applied is too much (a mild sensation is normal, the product takes about an hour to migrate to the throat till swallowing point). It is necessary to apply with the finger in order not to irritate your mucous membrane, do not use any tool! Take care to have your nails polished and moisturized hand skin to avoid scratching. A need to blow the nose just after application is common and helps cleanse the nose.

The preparation contains a very low concentration of chili that can sting the eyes, never put it contact with the eyes or the genitals. In case of accidental contact, wipe off with a vegetable oil (sunflower, olive), do not rinse with water that would only increase the burning sensation! Although most of the extracts are edible, avoid ingesting a large quantity and in case of accidental ingestion of a large amount (for example a whole tube), do not attempt to vomit. Consult a doctor in the unlikely event you would feel abdominal pain or if it is a child below 7 years old. .

From 7 years old. Also indicated for the elders and immunodepressed persons. Not indicated for hemophilic persons, or persons allergic to tree nuts, latex or soy (in case of strong allergy) or chili (capsaïcin). May have been in contact with milk products. For persons prone to it, in case of nose bleed, stop the use for 2 days then resume by lowering the quantities or using Capsirin Mild version. Consult your doctor only if the nose bleeding symptom persists.

No waxes, keep cool to avoid  melting! Store in a dark, dry and cool place. Use before expiration date (24 months).This is a natural product subject to small variations in color, scent and texture.

Almost all NadiaZ solid products are made without waxes to improve their penetrability. They can therefore melt if not stored in cool temperatures. Melting does not affect product quality in anyway; neither does the apparition of grains. Shea and other butters tend to develop a grainy consistency when cooling. This is easily corrected by melting the products at low temperature (30°C) and solidifying them again rapidly in cold temperature, in a fridge for example. Because the temperature of the butter is cooler in the areas in contact with the glass recipient than in the center, most NadiaZ solid products will present a small sinking of the butter in the middle, which does not by any way imply any flaw from surface or physical contact.

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