Strawberry is a sweet smelling oil containing vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients and minerals. Its tannic acid is slightly astringent and anti-bacterial and the oil is known to help even out complexions. True to its vocation to use only natural plants material, NadiaZ has been researching the best way to capture the complex scent of fresh fruit and is introducing innovative methods to use fruit distillates in perfume compositions. Fruit distillates (hydrosols) are the highly aromatic water that can be extracted from fresh fruits and juices. NadiaZ do not use natural isolates despite their natural origin because chemically they are not different from synthetics and are at a concentration that do not occur in nature.  In very rare occasions like in Espiritu Pirata and Magnolia Night Ode to Gobi  Perfumes, strawberry furanone has been added, a natural isolate from the fruit,  that contributes to the aroma of strawberries and burnt sugar and can be found in many fruits such as strawberries, lychees, pineapple as well as a rare parent in  the scarce omumgorwa resin. The reason of this choice is ecological to avoid the use of omumgorwa in large amounts accross too many products that would make it unsustainable, so a diversification of furanone sources is sought.