Pequi tree (Caryocar brasiliense)

The Pequi tree is found in Brazil and Paraguay. Pequi is a tasty edible fruit, popular in some areas of Brazil where it is used by the population for food, cosmetics and medicine. It is pollinated mainly by bats. Traditionally rural Brazilians plant Pequi trees around villages; however the conservation of native woodlands (pollinator habitats) is crucial for maintaining the fruit yields.


Pequi oil possesses a unique combination of essential fatty acids; it is rich in vitamins A and E, and has important bioactive components widely reported as potent antioxidants. It has excellent antioxidant activity with anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, reparative and anti-microbial properties.


For centuries, indigenous people have applied Pequi oil topically to treat and relief mild dermatophytosis (tinea, athlete’s foot, etc.) and sarcomas. Recently researchers found that Pequi oil has antifungal properties and antimicrobial activity against yeast and filamentous fungi.
Pequi oil is highly emollient, making it an effective moisturizer in products to heal dry and cracked skin, eczema and psoriasis.

Use in NadiaZ

NadiaZ Perfumes is the very first perfume line to introduce Pequi oil as an ingredient thanks to its quintessential tropical fruit scent. Ex. Espíritu Pirata or Camino de Azahar.
It is also used in NadiaZ Cosmetics, for example in Pequi Kiss Lip Balm, for its revitalizing powers.

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L’arbre de Pequi se rencontre au Brésil et au Paraguay. Le Pequi est un fruit comestible savoureux, populaire dans certaines régions du Brésil où il est utilisé par la population comme nourriture, pour les cosmétiques et les médicaments. NadiaZ parfums est la toute première ligne de parfums à introduire de l’huile de Pequi comme ingrédient pour son odeur de fruit tropical par excellence.