One of the most ancient and sacred tradition in India who developed a technique to capture the exquisite scent of the earth in the beginning of monsoon season. The sun baked earth is upturned and while dry and dormant, its soil blooms with microorganisms’ activity as soon as the tiniest drops of water reach it. The sublime aroma of the soil is distilled by artisans and settled on sandalwood oil to create this rich, soulful attar. Sandalwood in India is subject to government quotas due to the over-exploitation of the resource. Nevertheless, NadiaZ supports India’s cultural heritage preservation and collaborates actively in the search of greener production and alternative solutions for the fabrication of attars. For this reason, while it is a work in progress to improve the sustainability, NadiaZ chose to  present this unique ingredient as a way to draw the attention and resources needed for its greening progresses and as an homage to mother’s earth reminding us to perceive and protect our soil rich life diversity.