Camino de Azahar Woman

Camino de Azahar Woman

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“A celebration of the Mediterranean, wandering through the Orange Blossom alleys of its ancient cities.”
Passionate, Oriental Spicy, Citrusy and Floral.

Camino de Azahar (Orange Blossom Flowers Alley). Woman. Natural Perfume.

A celebration of the Mediterranean ancient cities, such as Seville in Andalusia or Palermo in Sicily, and its breathtaking alleys of fragrant citrus with the emblematic Azahar (Orange Blossom Flower). This ageless perfume is for gala nights; affirmative though subtle, for the seductive confident woman.

A very powerful and passionate composition with an explosion of citrus, such as Orange Blossom (Neroli), Black Iranian Lemons, Bergamot and vivifying fragrant flowers and leaves, such as the African Cape Verbena, Longonza, and Tagete. Its seductive, ultra-feminine and almost powdery heart emanates from Ylang Ylang, Honey, Sandalwood, and other indigenous oils, while Rooibos, Yangu, wild mushrooms and Damascus Rose exude tender undertones.

Closest olfactive family
Citrus, Oriental, Slightly Fruity and Floral.

Stimulating, mood enhancing, energizing and uplifting

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 6 cm
Natural Plant-Based Perfume Content

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Customized Gold & Silver powders

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Customized Engraved Gold Label

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Skin type & Cultural roots

Ingredients: Alcohol Denat. (Denatured Alcohol), **Parfum (Fragrance), Aqua (Water), Ximenia Americana (Ximenia) Seed Oil, Glycerin (Vegetable Glycerin), Tocopherol (Vit. E), Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower Oil) Seed Oil,*Benzyl Alcohol, *Benzyl Salicylate, *Geraniol, *Citronellol, *Eugenol, *Limonene, *Linalool.

* Occurs naturally in essential oils
** Essential and vegetable oils and extracts
100% natural plant, bee and dairy products. No synthetic fragrances.Vegetarian.

All NadiaZ products are made with Virgin Vegetable Oils and GMO free. No chemical preservatives, parabens or mineral oils. Patch tested on humans. No animal testing.

NadiaZ perfumes may contain 15-150 plants which bear unique active ingredients and interact with each other in NadiaZ holistic compositions. The featured plants are a selection of some of them for you to discover. Please check the menu NadiaZ Ingredients to learn more about the brand repertoire. NadiaZ is involved in research on the specific phytotherapeutic properties of indigenous plants, however perfumes enter in the cosmetic category and not in the medicinal one, which is why legislation do not make it possible to describe those on this website or the brand documentations. Feel free to google them or check on Wikipedia to get more information, or send an email for specific questions.

Yangu Oil (Calodendrum capense):
also called Cape Chestnut, originates from the Southern African region, and is rich in essential fatty acids. Its natural UV protection and plentiful antioxidants protect and replenish the skin. It bears a delicate rose aroma, with a hint of wood and is a good perfume fixative to retain the scent.


Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata):
Considered an aphrodisiac, is a precious flower from Madagascar and Comoros with an unmistakable, penetrating, sweet and sensual scent that helps alleviate tension and anxiety. Its sustainable cultivation is a major source of income for these island communities.



Cape Verbena (Lippia javanica):
This indigenous plant is used as a local remedy. Never before has this exhilarating acidulated scent been proposed in a luxury perfume.



Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis):
This popular indigenous bush plant, literally ‘Red Bush’, comes from the fragile Fynbos ecosystem, found in areas of South Africa. Its antioxidant properties are recently being explored and its scent, reminiscent of tea and rose, is very subtle, somewhat faint, yet nonetheless present.



Longoza (Hedychium coronarium):
Sometimes called White Ginger Lily, this plant emits a fresh, inviting, white flowery scent. This plant is an invasive species in Southern Africa, while being threatened by extinction in India.


Orange Blossom/Neroli (Citrus aurantium amara):
Together with Jasmine, Orange Blossom is the most distinctive scent reminiscent of enchanting Mediterranean nights. Its pervasive aroma is an integral part of in North African culture, from perfumery, to cooking, and in daily life as a means of purification and appeasement.



Honey (Mel):
NadiaZ selects several types of honeys produced from single varieties of flowers such as Linden, Lavender, Heather and Chestnut to extract their distinctive complex aromas.


Andiroba (Carapa guianensis):
From the heart of the Amazon, Andiroba oil is processed from the Carapa guianensis tree and is highly valued for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is an important resource for local communities, when exploited sustainably. NadiaZ promotes its use in perfumery, where it imbues very subtle, light, creamy and sweet notes.

Ximenia Oil (Ximenia americana):
Also known as African Sour Plum and originating from the Southern Africa Savannah, this oil has a unique honey-like consistency and is extremely moisturizing. It is reputed to be antimicrobial, and stimulates the sebaceous glands, promoting optimal skin functions. It is an excellent fixative for perfumes, thus creating lasting aromas.


Black Iranian Lemons (Citrus lemon):


Bergamot (Citrus bergamia):


Wild Mushrooms:
Nadia and her father personally collect edible wild Swiss mushrooms, some highly prized for their gustative properties and others which are largely ignored. She also procures them from continental Europe, among other places, to prepare exclusive extracts through her bespoke production techniques. Mushroom availability varies immensely between the seasons by and year, thus the proportion used in perfumes can vary.


Damascus Rose (Rosa damascena):
The scent of true Rose is possibly the most evocative and subtle, prized since time immemorial throughout cultures and composed of over 300 chemical compounds. NadiaZ selects different varieties to create the very best true Rose scent.




Sandalwood (Santalum spicata and other species):
Sandalwood is prized for its rich, sweet, spiritual and woody scent. Used in traditional medicine and religious rituals for millennia, it has been brought to the verge of extinction in India. NadiaZ sources Sandalwood from a variety of species around the globe, from Australia to New Caledonia, where it is protected and sustainably harvested.


Tagete (Tagetes minuta and others):


NadiaZ promotes artistic creativity in all its forms and particularly Tribal Art. Your perfume pack comes with beautiful and unique artpieces of Shona Stone carved in Zimbabwe in the form of Shona Perfume Spray Bottle Caps and Shona Roll-on Holders for your collection. Unless specified otherwise, NadiaZ will choose which design to send you based on our collection.

The Shona Stone Sculpture

Zimbabwe has received worldwide acclaim for its captivating stone sculpture art.

Using hand-crafted Shona stonework as part of the NadiaZ perfume range incorporates the uniqueness of man-made sculpture, creating a sense of playfulness for the collector, and bringing Perfume to the world of Art.

Read more about The Shona Stone Sculpture.

With each purchase, NadiaZ will provide you with a bottle of Copaiba Ritual Baby Hair Serum, that is most perfect to occasionally use to bring shine to your Shona Stone Sculptures, similarly to waxing antique furnitures does. The serum unique capacity to build a shiny protective layer and respect the stone porous  nature is primordial. NadiaZ does not recommend the use of any other product on your Shona Stones as it may result to damaging their surface.

NadiaZ - Natural Haute Parfumerie & Cosmetics

Immortality Botanical Resin Art

Visit our page on Immortality Botanical Resin Art  to see these beautiful art pieces that come in your perfume pack. Immortality Botanical page link. Ask NadiaZ if you would prefer Immortality Botanical Resin Art pieces in your pack and we will inform you on availability and options. Those art pieces are unique, made by hand by two Italian artists especially for NadiaZ on demand base.NadiaZ - Natural Haute Parfumerie & Cosmetics

Being ultra-concentrated and plant-based, this perfume is very special, creating a long-lasting scented layer marrying with the skin. So spray from a distance, on skin not exposed to the sun, leave 4 mins —until the alcohol evaporates— and only THEN smell. For a fainter scent, apply to clothes.

Shake before use to avoid blocking the spray pump. In case of blockage, remove the pump top and rinse well with water. Remove the shona stone lid first since this is not fixed to the cap. Once the bottle is empty, the stone can be removed from the cap and used for decoration and in art collections.

For external use only. Do not use on children and, as a precaution, avoid using perfumes during pregnancy. Many essential oils can cause photo-sensitivity therefore do not use on skin exposed to the sun. All perfumes contain volatile substances; asthmatics may be best advised to test their reaction first, to apply in a well-ventilated place, and to choose roll-on applicators. Wear this perfume for special days or nights, or alternate with other NadiaZ creations to diversify your exposure to valuable yet powerful plants constituents. It is not advisable for people with liver conditions. Do not use on light colored fabrics; for colored fabrics, test first on a small patch, and spray from a distance after mixing well to avoid oil staining.

Contains tree nuts, kernel and unrefined virgin seed oils. May have been in contact with bee and dairy products. To limit the occurrence of allergies, it is recommendable to reduce sources of allergens at home (ambient perfumes, deodorizers, scented candles, harsh detergents, humidity and molds, smoke, etc) and test for food or contact allergies.

NadiaZ Limited Edition Concept permits to offer you an incomparable range of customizations, to make your bottle truly Yours or for a thoughtful gift. Creativity and Quality are at the core of NadiaZ principles to meet the needs and priorities of customers for beauty and for a greener footprint.

Decorative Gold & Silver Powders

A range of pure certified Gold and Silver powders is available as an add-on to your perfume to give it that extra-shine and playfulness. Gold & Silver powders do not contribute to the scent, are completely safe for the skin (they are in edible grade) and will simply deposit without sticking while spraying the perfumes.  While it is without contest a mesmerizing addition, please remember that the powders may at times block the pump mechanism, so always shake the bottles before spraying, and that your perfume in itself is worth more than gold. You can choose from any of the powders below by providing their name with your order and mix up to two kind powders. Silver has a shelf-life of 2 years.

                                Gold Dust                                        

NadiaZ - Natural Haute Parfumerie & Cosmetics

                                                                                                                    Gold Flakes                                                                                                                NadiaZ Natural Perfumes

  Gold FilamentsNadiaZ Natural Perfumes

                                                                   Silver Dust                                                          

Japanese Spring · NadiaZ Natural Perfumes


NadiaZ Perfume Glass Bottles

France, with its long tradition of luxury perfumery, is the place NadiaZ has elected to source its perfume bottles, made by Pochet du Courval, a four-centuries-old independent family business and world leader today in luxury glass, renowned for its purity, clarity and brilliance.

Thanks to the irreproachable quality, these bottles offer a perfect seal with the pump mechanism, preventing contamination or spillage of the precious perfume content. Small variations in geometry make for an attractive non-standardized appearance.

NadiaZ choice for glass rather than crystal is founded on ecological and health hazards grounds. Crystal contains a certain amount of lead that confers its shine. However it is a highly toxic substance for all forms of life. Crystal manufacturers have found solutions to mitigate the negative effects; nevertheless NadiaZ prefers to limit the widespread use of crystal. However, would you wish a taylor-made glass or crystal bottle, NadiaZ will research solutions amongst its network of glass artisans to meet your desires.

Glass Gold Engraving 

Bottles labels displaying the name of the perfume are engraved with 18 carats Gold  by Swiss engravers. As long as the inscription is not scratched,  NadiaZ can  recycle your bottle  would you wish to send it back for collection or for refill. Would you have a special request for a personalized text , send us a request and we will study the options with you.

NadiaZ - Natural Haute Parfumerie & Cosmetics

NadiaZ Boxes

NadiaZ opted for a beautifully designed and printed solid luxury cardboard box to package its perfumes. The choice of cardboard over wood or plastic makes it a better recyclable and transportable product. Moreover the interior velvet foam can be removed for a reuse of the box. While the foam cannot be recycled and is necessary to ensure the products safety during transport, NadiaZ continuously searches for ecological solutions that are aesthetically fit to convey the brand luxury feel. NadiaZ also designed an extra-luxury stone box matching the brand Shona design that can be made on order.

NadiaZ - Natural Haute Parfumerie & Cosmetics

Stone Plate Gold Engraving 

A stone decorative plate is the perfect accessory to enhance the mysterious nature of NadiaZ Shona Stone art-pieces. NadiaZ elegant black stone plate is engraved in pure gold with the brand magnificent floral astral logo.

Two sizes are available, large for a complete collection display and small for exhibiting up to six pieces. Would you wish to engrave a different inscription, just let us know. NadiaZ recommends black stone for its purity, sobriety and match with Shona Stones. However, would you specifically request a different stone color, we will search it for you.

NadiaZ - Natural Haute Parfumerie & Cosmetics

Immortality Petrified Wood Art

Visit our page on Immortality Petrified Wood Art to see these beautiful natural art pieces to enhance the beauty of your Perfume Collection.

NadiaZ collects petrified wood art pieces carefully selected for their beauty and the way they marry with NadiaZ Perfume Collection artistic designs. Using petrified wood slices as exhibition platters confers to your perfume collection an inimitable aura of sheer luxury and serenity.  If you would like to acquire a petrified wood slice, contact NadiaZ for a list of our current collection or for us to seek the perfect piece. Remember, acquiring a petrified wood piece entails a responsibility as it makes us the depository of Life Heritage.

NadiaZ - Natural Haute Parfumerie & Cosmetics

Store in a dark, dry and cool place. This is a natural product subject to small variations in color, scent and texture. This product is highly inflammable; keep away from any flame or heat, no not spray on an open flame or other ignition source. Keep out of reach from children. In case of ingestion, consult a doctor immediately.In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately and consult a doctor. Use before expiration date (24 months).

NadiaZ formulations favor the preservation of the active ingredients by using virgin plant oils, thus many perfumes have several highly valuable phases, or sediments, which need to be blended by shaking before use. Waxes and butters may solidify in cold and regain fluidity when gently warmed up with your hands or in lukewarm water.

As many of the perfume ingredients are wild indigenous plants extracts, NadiaZ perfumes may vary slightly in scent, depending on ingredient origin, climate and harvest conditions, extraction methods and processing. While all NadiaZ ingredients concentrations are adjusted by the perfumer’s nose, NadiaZ aims for uttermost quality in its materials, without standardization, sourcing them from a wide variety of locations and producers. This minimizes their ecological footprint and involves working with smaller communities. As a result, this limits the environmental impact on a single geographical origin and improves the sustainability of harvesting practices, as well as reducing climatic risks.

Recycle glass and paper. Essential oils cannot be disposed in water; for safe disposal, pour on soil away from any water sources.

NadiaZ Perfume bottles can be refilled by sending them back to NadiaZ (directly or through your contact representative). The difference of environmental footprint on whether it is best to recycle NadiaZ bottles with your nearby glass collector or to send it back to NadiaZ is not simple to evaluate. It involves many parameters such as distances, collection capacity, sorting capacity (to separate the pumps or gold plates from the bottles)… Rest assured that whatever your decision is, it will be the best as long as you make the effort to recycle.

5 reviews for Camino de Azahar Woman

  1. NadiaZ

  2. Nadia Zuodar


    13 ноября 2016, 23:41

    Парфюмерия и ароматы

    Camino de Azahar Nadia Z

    Nadia Z — это нишевой дом натуральной парфюмерии из Швейцарии.

    Camino de Azahar Nadia Z аромат для женщин. Парфюмер: Nadia Zuodar. Аромат создан в 2014 году. Группа: восточные пряные, цветочные, цитрусовые
    Композиция аромата включает ноты: бергамот, вербена лимонная, иланг-иланг, ройбуш, мед, дамасская роза, сандаловое дерево, швейцарские грибы, лонгоза — желтый имбирь ( лат.Hedychium flavum), нероли, черный иранский лимон, ксимения, янги или африканский каштан ( лат.Calodendrum capense)

    Camino de Azahar Nadia Z

    Цветы и травы Океании, Индии и Южной Африки.
    Янгу получают из плодов дерева Calodendrum capense, одного из самых красивых деревьев Африки, которое произрастает в основном в южной ее части. Это дерево получило имя Каштан Капский благодаря Вильяму Барчеллу, которому плоды и цветы Янгу напомнили конский каштан.
    Когда я впервые услышала этот аромат, я не знала, что делать: или мне его боятся, или любить. Необычный, не похожий на то, что я слышала ранее. Это странный мед, который делают странные пчелы (Винни-Пух). Экзотическое чаепитие. Густое розовое масло, терпкая и свежая вербена, мой любимы ройбуш с фруктово-цветочными нотами, сладкий иланг-иланг, пряный и пульсирующий нероли. Эти ноты более-менее понятны. Но шампиньоны в аромате — для меня необычно. И они слышны. Не грубо, не сильно. Тонкий запах сушеный грибов. Лонгоза с ванильно-пряным оттенком. Запах масло янги я слышала, и здесь он узнаваем: ореховая нота. Я также слышу миндальную ноту, с горчинкой, переходящую в аромат вишневых косточек. Аромат очень красивый. Раскрывается восхитительно. Яркие свежие веселые цитрусы вначале, дурманящие цветы и ройбуш в сердце, затем медленно начинает выступать ореховый, пряный мед. А сушеные шампиньоны и вишневые косточки вполне органично вплетаются в аромат. В далекой стране, хозяйка местной лавочки угостила местным чаем с медом. А те, кто любит мед, знают, что мед бывает очень разным, в зависимости от того, где и с каких цветов его собирали пчелы. Так вот этот мед — темный, тягучий и терпкий, с минимальной сладостью. А лавочка — местный «универсам», где можно купить все: от бутылочки ароматического масла до перьев из хвоста сказочного феникса, где рядом со связками сушеных грибов и цветов не удивительно увидеть засушенную драконью голову ))
    Стойкость средняя, шлейф небольшой. Садится на кожу близко.
    Ароматы сделаны в соответствии со строгими швейцарскими стандартами качества. Бренд Nadia Z базируется в Лаво Швейцария, на берегу Женевского озера. У компании есть дочернее предприятие в Йоханнесбурге в Южной Африке
    Флаконы квадратной формы из тяжелого стекла с гравировкой, с крышечками, выполненными в виде голов статуэток в стиле народного искусства Африки. Для роллов есть держатели. Крышечки и держатели выполнены из резного камня в Зимбабве.

    Все ароматы бренда выпускаются в концентрации Natural Perfume (100% растительные натуральные ингредиенты, продукции пчеловодства, без синтетических ингредиентов. Спирт в составе есть) и объеме спрей 30 мл и ролл 9 мл.
    Спасибо за внимание.
    с уважением,
    p.s. фото с официального сайта, мое и из отрытых источников в Интернете.

    А это черный иранский лимон ))

    Косметика в посте
    •Nadia Z


  3. Nadia Zuodar

    Ana Stoian

    December 26, 2016

    Scent of the evening – Camino de Azahar Woman by Nadia Z “A celebration of the Mediterranean wandering though the Orange Blossom alleys of its ancient cities”. Passionate, oriental spicy, citrusy and floral.
    A celebration of the Mediterranean ancient cities, such as Seville in Andalusia or Palermo in Sicily, and its breathtaking alleys of fragrant citrus with the emblematic Azahar (orange blossom flower). This ageless perfume is for gala nights; affirmative through subtle, for the seductive confident woman (from her website).
    Ingredients: Indian Ocean and South African flowers and herbs (ylang-ylang, Cape verbena, longaza, rooibos), wild Swiss mushrooms, citrus (neroli, bergamot, Iranian black lemons), precious woods (sandalwood), Continental flowers (Damascus rose) and various indigenous oils (Ximenia, Yangu).

  4. Nadia Zuodar
    Postado em: por: Cassiano Silva

    A fragrância de Camino de Azahar foi criada em 2014 em duas versões: uma voltada para o público masculino e esta aqui, direcionada ao público feminino. Ambas fazem parte da coleção Ecosystems – Mediterranean e celebram a emblemática flor de laranjeira, também conhecida como Flor de Azahar (palavra de origem árabe para flores brancas).
    Embora retrate uma flor de perfume luminoso, o conceito criativo celebra os bailes e festas de gala nas cidades antigas do Mediterrâneo, como Sevilha (Andaluzia) e Palermo (Sicília). Partindo deste princípio, fica mais fácil identificar o caminho olfativo de ambas as fragrâncias, que nos levam de volta para o estilo de perfumes dos anos 60, 70 e início dos anos 80.
    Camino de Azahar Woman possui muito do DNA da versão masculina e diverge pouca coisa no que diz respeito à composição. Desta vez, temos a presença do ylang-ylang no coração da fragrância, que acabou trazendo um toque mais floral ao perfume. As notas de verbena, longoza, tagetes e chá Rooibos foram mantidas, da mesma forma que o acorde cítrico (néroli, bergamota e limão negro iraniano). A perfumista também manteve os cogumelos selvagens, o mel, a rosa damascena e os óleos de ximenia e yangu (este último, obtido da castanha do Cabo, árvore originária da África).
    Quando aplicadas sobre a pele, as versões masculina e feminina parecem o mesmo perfume, em um primeiro instante. Entretanto, a evolução traz nuances diferentes que fazem com que esta fragrância se comporte como oriental-cítrica-floral, enquanto a versão masculina se mostra mais oriental-cítrica-amadeirada.
    Na minha pele, a fragrância de Camino de Azahar Woman acabou se mostrando mais sofisticada, justamente porque, desta vez, a rosa Damascena parece ter mais presença e o ylang-ylang neutralizou, de certa forma, o cheiro de limão azedo que eu senti na versão masculina. O aspecto datado permanece o mesmo e, portanto, continuo achando que isso acaba sendo um agente limitador com relação à faixa etária do consumidor. Tirando isso, trata-se de um perfume misterioso e elegante, que faz a gente voltar no tempo e imaginar como seria o perfume das mulheres que frequentavam os bailes há algumas décadas passadas.

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