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Magnolia (Michelia alba) The Magnolia flower distinctive poetic shape that predates the apparition of the bees has inspired numerous artists and is a symbol of feminine sweetness and beauty in China. Its potent fragrance is creamy, sweet with a touch of acidity, easily overpowering any perfume composition. Lesser known is the essential oil extracted from its leaves [...]

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Massoia (Cryptocaria massoia) An indigenous tree from New Guinea, Massoia has been used for traditional ointments by Balinese women for centuries. The bark of the tree has a sweet creamy coconut-like aroma and is one of the very few natural sources of lactones, which are otherwise produced synthetically. The concentrated oil may be considered irritant for [...]

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Mitti attar (baked earth) One of the most ancient and sacred tradition in India who developed a technique to capture the exquisite scent of the earth in the beginning of monsoon season. The sun baked earth is upturned and while dry and dormant, its soil blooms with microorganisms’ activity as soon as the tiniest drops of water reach [...]

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