Kpangnan/Painya (Pentadesma butyracea)

The Pentadesma butyracea is a tree native to Central and Western Africa, where it grows in the thick pluvial forests on riverbanks, and in swampy zones. Its butter called Painya (or Kpangnan) is extracted from the seeds of its fruit, which are sustainably wild harvested. Just like many other food-providing forest trees, now rarer than before in African forest ecosystems, sustainably harvesting processes contribute to household economies, to strengthening food security, and to preserving the biological diversity of forest resources.


Although Painya and Shea butters have common characteristics, Painya butter has a very unique composition with a high percentage of stigmasterol, a component rarely found in nature. Stigmasterol is a base material used in the creation of synthetic progesterone. It has been shown to lower the risk of certain cancers, and is anti-inflammatory.


Painya butter is used in traditional medicine as a massage oil, in skin and hair care to delay aging, to reduce wrinkles, scars, inflammation, and to soften, lubricate, and regenerate sensitive and allergy-prone skins.

Use in NadiaZ

NadiaZ Care Line lavishly uses Painya butter for its amazing repairing and anti-inflammatory properties and its exceptionally soft feel. It can be found in Pequi Kiss Lip Balm, Malagasy Forest Hands & Feet Balm, and New Life Body Butter. It has a delicate buttery scent with a faint hint of hay.

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