Boswellia serrata and other varieties such as neglecta, sacra, olibanum

Boswellia trees are revered since ancient times, used in religious ceremonies as well as referred to in sacred books. The resin exudes from the trunk of the trees and varies in quality and scent profile depending on many factors including the origin, the age of the tree, weather conditions, asn. Despite conservation and cultivation efforts, the tree population is declining and aging. The Omani Green Hojari locally known as Luban Zakar is one of the rarest quality and bears a mystical powerful fresh citrus menthol scent with mineral hints.
The over-exploitation of the trees contributed to their decline but nowadays there is also a risk of neglect if the long established harvesting communities are left without resource due to lack of purchase. Pragmatically, it is thus important to support the frankincense economy and valorize this holy resin in order to save the trees from extinction.