Longan (Dimocarpus longan) Of the same family of the Lychees and highly prized in Asia, the longan aroma bears more resemblance to melon and pear with caramelized undertones. The extract from the fruit is intoxicating and although not volatile, it persists on the skin and enriches a sensual experience. De la même famille que le litchi et [...]

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Coral Jasmine/Parijata (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis) Far from being a jasmine, the fabulous Nyctanthes flower (with Parijata as its Indian name) grown in India and Sri Lanka shares its potency with the latter. However, its deeply penetrating scent reminds somewhat of orange blossom and jasmine bouquet, with the hypnotic quality undertones found in lotus and the creaminess of Magnolia and [...]

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Jasmine Auri (Jasminum auriculatum) This specie of Jasmine is found in India, Sri Lanka and Thailand and serves as a decoration in traditional festivals. Its aroma is unlike other jasmine. Although it bears the typical fragrant flower notes of its siblings, Jasmine Auri twists them in a much greener, almost citrusy, definitely forest or jungle like under the [...]

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Cassie (Acacia farnesiana) These puffy flowers, from Acacia trees, found from Africa to India to Australia, are reminiscent of a mother’s soft embrace, yet enigmatic and elusive. Honey-like with hints of wood and grass, this aroma magically reveals itself once every other scent wears off. The Cassie is similar to Mimosa but subtle balsamic, woody notes that [...]

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